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321gocast avatar 11:26 AM on 07.28.2011  (server time)
321GoCast Needs YOU

Hello there Destructoid community, 321GoCast here, your favorite unofficial community podcast. As most of you have probably noticed either through watching for this blog or subscribing to us on iTunes/RSS, we have not been updating at all for the past few months. Reason being that our editing has come to a complete halt due to time constraints and our editors just being quite busy. Currently we have recorded 52 episodes and only released 44 and we would like to release those 8 missing episodes so we can get back on track. Unfortunately with our editors being so busy that might prove difficult.

However 321GoCast chief JohnnyViral has seen fit to post this ad here on the cblogs for a new show editor. Currently we have community member Knivy expressing interest, but we dont want to swamp him with all 8 episodes. So we are looking for people willing to edit our shows and email them to Johnny for upload to our podbean. So if this job seems like something youd want to do, please PM JohnnyViral expressing your interest in this position. We really do need help on this because wed like to get back to entertaining you in podcast format not just on the live stream.

We appreciate any help we can get.

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