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321gocast avatar 7:28 PM on 09.15.2011  (server time)
321GoCast Episode 51: Its Never actually about the Community

[Ok so those editing issues are on their way to being resolved, but we are getting them edited out of order so please try to be patient with us as we get this rolling again.]

On This episode JohnnyViral, Ryu89, and Tactix discover what happens when Analoge attempts to drink potatoes. Spoilers... he turns into Dyganth. The guys venture to a world made of string and Tactix looses his shit with how cute everything is, soon however they discover that this world isnt as nice as it seems to be and they must find any means of escape before. the sinister Master Hand turns them into one of a kind figures. It will be barrels of fun, trust me.

Also Ryu missed an opportunity to see The Protomen LIVE... Needless to say Johnny was not pleased.

Ms. Splosion Man- Hit Me
The One Ups- Mario Kart Title Screen
Lesley Gore- Sunshine
Lollipops an

[Unfortunately the DTOID video/audio embed feature is down so we only have the download link for you in this post.]

Download this episode here.

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