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321gocast avatar 7:16 AM on 12.06.2011  (server time)
321GoCast: 3 Episodes for the price of 1

This week we bring you 3 episodes instead of one. Sure we could have released each one on its own, on a week to week basis and milked these for what they were worth while we got more episodes edited. BUT we didn't, because we love you... And Johnny yelled at us to post these. So enjoy them.

Episode 55 On this episode of 321GoCast JohnnyViral finds furies everywhere, Ryu wishes he was playing Skyrim, Tactix dances and joining the crew Garison helps them understand Canada a bit more.

Episode 56 On this episode of 321GoCast (which contains numerical errors) Ryu89 gives people some flak, Philanthr0py plays all the games ever and breaks the no stream rule, JohnnyViral gets a bit too excited about Space Marines, Tactix has a birthday, and they are joined by Nintendood and his dog.

Episode 57 On this episode of 321GoCast JohnnyViral goes to great lengths for a collectors edition, Ryu89 plays indie games with gears in them, Pangloss brings in Rance for the win, and joining the guys is Spaceburrito who pulls no punches.

Remember 321GoCast will be recording our End of the Year episode on 12/18/2011 live on and sometime between now and next week we will be asking you in a soon to come Cblog to help us out with topics to talk about and "awards" to give out. So stay tuned for that.

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