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16-bit Jeff's blog

9:53 PM on 02.22.2011

Panel Talk: Issue #001

On the debut episode of Panel Talk, Hosts 16bit Jeff & EZ Rider are joined this week with the host of the ikaricast, Xaos and the co-host of the Wrestlecast, MattyJay. The News Articles are Courtasy of ComicBookMovie (http:...   read

6:43 PM on 07.24.2010

Under Development episode 1 pushed to Tomorrow!

Today was originally was gonna be the day that me & Kevin where gonna interview The Artist of 2P Start, Ray Hargreaves. Sadly, due to technical difficulties, episode 1 will be recorded at 4:30 PST (7:30 EST) Tomorrow Night! ...   read

2:39 PM on 07.23.2010

Under Development: Questions for Ray Hargreaves Artist of 2P START!

Dtoid Community, I still need Questions from you for Mr. Hargreaves, The Artisrt of the Webcomic, 2P START! I need them ASAP because we're gonna record at 1PM PST (4PM EST). So Please, As I typed bef...   read

9:04 PM on 07.22.2010

SDCC 2010: Joss Whedon to Assemble The Avengers!

If there are any users in the Dtoid Community, that are fans of the whedonverse... Be Excited! At the Start for Day 1 of San Diego Comi-Con 2010, Entertainment Weekly Sponsored a panel called "“Entertainment Weekly: The Visi...   read

2:30 PM on 07.21.2010

Details on The Return of Under Development!

Before I announce the guest that's gonna me and the others on the Revival Episode of under Developemt. I'm still looking for people to participate in that Rockman Iv Prolouge Vid. Im doing. If you need to see the details, Cli...   read

9:20 PM on 07.20.2010

Dtoid Users Need Help w/ Mega Man IV Prologue!

What's Up dtoid community, I'm back! and this time i need your help! A month ago, I announced that my 1st Let's Play is gonna be on Mega Man IV, one my personal favorites in the blue bomber's run. It's True, Mega Man III wa...   read

11:14 PM on 06.08.2010

My Thoughts on the Mortal Kombat Reboot

Earlier Today, I did my thoughts on this MK reboot over at If you guys want to read it, here's the link: Like every here on Dtoid, My two favorite fighters from the 90's were (and S...   read

10:43 PM on 05.31.2010

Finally, My 1st LP is....

If anyone has followed The Geek Fighter's Twitter (@TheGeekFighters), I've been having one Hell of a time trying to record a Let's Play. The keyword being Try! First off, when our site launched mid-March, My original plan ...   read

11:06 PM on 05.30.2010

Booting up.....

Hello, I'm 16-bitJeff. I've been a constant viewer of Dtoid since mid-late 2007. The Reason Why I brought this site up is, this March, myself and my friend jerry were inspired by Dtoid, and other Gaming centric Sites (looki...   read

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