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Name: Jeff

Age: 22

Birthday: March 20th

Location: MA

I've been a gamer since 4 years old.

My First system owned was a NES. First played was an Atari 2600. I was one of those rare gamers in the 90's that owned both an SNES and a Genesis :)

I do a Retro gaming podcast called [Under Development] and it's hosted on podomatic at http://underdevelopment.podomatic.com/

Favorite Genres: FPS, RPG, Action-Adventure, Point-and-Click (especially the old Sierra/LucasArts games)

If there's any that wants to follow me on twitter: @JJustinWilliams (Now @16bitJeff. To reflect the site I Work on, thegeekfighters.com)

my e-mail: jeff.williams088@gmail.com
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16-bit Jeff
9:53 PM on 02.22.2011

On the debut episode of Panel Talk, Hosts 16bit Jeff & EZ Rider are joined this week with the host of the ikaricast, Xaos and the co-host of the Wrestlecast, MattyJay.

The News Articles are Courtasy of ComicBookMovie (http://www.comicbookmovie.com)

The Main Topic this week is our reaction of the recently released trailer for the Upcoming X-Men Film "X-Men: First Class", which is due for released June 3rd.

We also ask the Question: "Why Hasn't Kevin Smith Directed a Comic Film?"

And at the end, we debut the Segment "The Hall of Shame" and the first inductee Truly deserves to be the first for his "Ungodly" X-Men run.

If there are any Questions that you want answered in upcoming episodes or to leave any comments, you can leave them at: paneltalkpodcast@gmail.com

Opening Theme:

- Theme Song! by The Aquabats

Any if you want to follow me and E.Z. on twitter:

Jeff: @16bitJeff

E.Z.: @TheEZRider

Don't Have time to listen on you PC/Mac?: http://blip.tv/file/get/16bitJeff-Issue001458.mp3

Panel Talk: "We Talk Comics and Everything Between the Pages"

Today was originally was gonna be the day that me & Kevin where gonna interview The Artist of 2P Start, Ray Hargreaves. Sadly, due to technical difficulties, episode 1 will be recorded at 4:30 PST (7:30 EST) Tomorrow Night!

So Please, If anyone from Destructiod has a question for Ray regarding 2P Start. please send me a text message or an Audio Question to: jeff.williams088@gmail.com (Again, Include your Dtoid name!)

Also, The comment box at the bottom is optional. Again, Sorry for the Delay.

I'm also stili looking for Dtoid Users to Participate in that Mega Man IV prologue Vid. If there's Anyone that are interested and want in join.. Here are the details: http://bit.ly/bz0aRb

Also Include your Dtoid name in the message!

Dtoid Community, I still need Questions from you for Mr. Hargreaves, The Artisrt of the Webcomic, 2P START! http://www.2pstart.com

I need them ASAP because we're gonna record at 1PM PST (4PM EST). So Please, As I typed before...

Send me a Question in the Comment box below


Send me Message Titled "Question - Ray Hargreaves" at: jeff.williams088@gmail.com

please, also include your dtoid name in the message....

If any sending a question, doesn't want to do a text one. Audio Questions are also aceptable. Please sned those to: jeff.williams088@gmail.com. Title it "Audio Question - Ray Hargreaves" and also include your dtoid name at the beginning of your Question.

I Hope you guys are excited as i am!

If there are any users in the Dtoid Community, that are fans of the whedonverse... Be Excited!

At the Start for Day 1 of San Diego Comi-Con 2010, Entertainment Weekly Sponsored a panel called "“Entertainment Weekly: The Visionaries”, and it's Visionaries were Directors, JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon.

One of the Many Attendees at this panel asked Joss a Question regarding the Upcoming Marvel Studios Film "The Avengers", A film that he's been rumored to write and direct since April 1st. (the original post courtesy of IESB.net: http://bit.ly/byHtBf)

This is his [Whedon's] response:

“That is not an official thing. But I’m making that an official thing: I’m directing The Avengers.”

After constant wondering from various Film Blog and Web sites.... we finally got a confirmation!

It's about time that this beloved creator of original material is finally getting the recognition he truly deserves.

And Also with the fiasco that was, The development of the live-action "Wonder Woman" film. To me, this is a nice big, FRACK YOU to WB Pictures.

The "Recently Confirmed" Director is mostly know as the creator of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and it's Spin-Off: Angel, The Short-Lived Show Firefly and it's Theatrical Sequel, Serenity, and Most Recently Dr. Horrible and the 2nd Short-Lived Series, Dollhouse.

He also is the Writer of The Highly Praised Marvel Comic's Book Astonishing X-Men, with artist John Cassaday & the successor to the Brian K. Vaughan (Ex machina, Y:The Last Man, LOST) Created comic, Runaways, also from Marvel Comics.

Before I announce the guest that's gonna me and the others on the Revival Episode of under Developemt. I'm still looking for people to participate in that Rockman Iv Prolouge Vid. Im doing. If you need to see the details, Click on the link: http://bit.ly/bz0aRb

As Promised on yesterday's post, I'm gonna announce who the person is to me and the others, on the return of the retro gaming podcast, Under Development.

With The original iteration, this podcast was hosted by me and jerry.....Not this time though!. Dont worry, nothing bad happened between us. It's just that with This Revival (In all honesty, a Reboot), It's best to start off with a new team, then the old one. To the old listeners, You'll hear Jerry's voice in upcoming episodes of the podcast...

Now Your probably thinkinh... But Jeff, If Jerry's not returning to his old position....Who's gonna take his place?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Dtoid Community.... i'd like to introduce you to the new & permanent co-host of Under Development.... Kevin Willingham!

If you dont know who this person is..... He's Mostly know by theGT community and of our Site's Community (TheGeekFighters.com) as the Creator and host of his Retro gaming review show, RetroActive.

Just to let the Dtoid Community Know (and I told the g1s on ScrewAttack this too), I'll be posting the this episode on Our site, ScrewAttack and here on Destructiod.... The Same Day!. However, with each new episdoe.....

It will be a exclusive (for a day) on our site TheGeekFighters http://bit.ly/ciozWW

The Next Day, It will be posted on ScrewAttack.com (do to the fact, that's where it originated before GeekFighters's creation)

And, Finally the Day after it's posted on ScrewAttack, it will be available for the Dtoid Community to listen to.

This Particular guest, along with a close friend, has created one of the most creative yet funny webcoimics out there. These two also host a very entertaining podcast of the same name. Ever since it's debut on February 14, 2007 and thanks to Joystiq.com's Support with it's Comic of the Week" poll, it's gotten popular and popular with each passing year. But Sadly.... as the old saying goes... Nothing Lasts Forever. From issues #166 - #169, The creators were teasing something BIG was about to happen... and it was BIG!

At the end of issue #170, It was announced "The End" of this comic, and issue #171 was to be it's last....

The Webcomic I'm talking about (ans one that used to be good) is....

The Artist of this beloved webcomic, Mr. ray Hargreaves (sadly, the writer, Mr. Tim Harding wont be joining us, but sends his best regards), will be joining me, and Kevin to talk about what inspired him and Tim to create this Project, How they decided to end it's run and of course..... Sonic-Bashing!

If anyone here from Destructiod, wants to ask a question for Mr. Hargreaves. Send me a message titled "Question - Ray Hargreaves" at: jeff.williams088@gmail.com

Also, Mr. Hargreaves is gonna create a new intro. and outro. for the podcast. (If you want to hear some of his work, here's the link: http://bit.ly/95TbHm Here's also additional music from 2P Start's Official Site: http://bit.ly/9sZAZv


The Schedule of Upcoming Episodes:

- Episode 2: Underrated Superhero Games

- Episode 3: The 90's Console Wars

- Episode 4: Sega's Cash Co...........I Mean beloved mascot...SONIC THE HEDGEHOG

- Episode 5: Final Fantasy

On Episode 4, Ray of 2P START fame, is gonna us once again as a Special Co-Host.

Expect Episode 5 to be a long one, because myself and jerry are gonna defend/bash Final Fantasy VIII.... (jerry loves FF VIII, Myself not so much -_-)

What's Up dtoid community, I'm back! and this time i need your help!

A month ago, I announced that my 1st Let's Play is gonna be on Mega Man IV, one my personal favorites in the blue bomber's run. It's True, Mega Man III was the first I played in the legendary franchise, and a Classic I still constantly play to this say. But, Mega Man IV has a bigger place in my heart, due to the fact, It's the first Rockman title I owned!

Anyways, I'm here today to ask the Dtoid community & its users for their help. Sadly, before his (idiotic) suspension from YouTube, Chuggaconroy did a teaser for his LP of Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (another favorite of mine), and had someone read the prologue's dialogue. I'm gonna pull the same thing, but in a different way.....

Im gonna have Various People read a piece of the dialogue from IV's Prologue...

I already post this on ScrewAttack for the g1s to participate, an now it's Dtoid's turn! If anyone one here from Destructiod that wants to join in....

Send me a PM

send Me a message at: jeff.williams088@gmail.com

IMPORTANT!: Please (in both your PM and E-mail) enter "MEGA MAN IV INTRO." and also, Please include your Dtoid name!

I'm Also letting the Comments at the bottom be optional, but I would prefer either E-Mail or PM. Well that's it from my end. Be Sure to be here tomorrow, because I gonna finally announce whom the BIG guest is for the return of my retro gaming podcast, Under Development!.....

Until Then, I'll see Ya later!