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13thDragon avatar 1:02 AM on 01.12.2008  (server time)
The Obscure Arcade : Oni - The Ninja Master

The Obscure Arcade : Oni - The Ninja Master

Year : 1995
Company : Banpresto
Similar to : Warzard / Red Earth

Title screen.

First, let me just say that "Oni - The Ninja Master" is the Japanese title. The US title is "Metamoqester". Seriously. That's not a typo. I don't even know what that means. I can't even pronounce that. But anyway...

Facing the Frankenstein robot.

Oni plays like your standard 2-d fighting game, but you can only choose from three fighters, and you face off against six different CPU controlled monsters. The hook is that you can play two player co-op.

The goofy looking Incan monster.

Controls are four buttons : a light, medium and heavy attack, and a projectile button. Characters have special moves a la Street Fighter type joystick motions. You have a power gauge that fills as you fight, and once it's full you can unleash a super move by pressing all three attack buttons simultaneously.

The three heroes.

Each character has a sort of Persona that they briefly transform into when executing special moves.

Yukihime's sexy Shiva-esque Persona. Yes, she's naked.

Oni is not only more enjoyable with a friend, but also easier. When you play by yourself, Oni can be EXTREMELY difficult. The monsters will trap you in the corner and wail on you, knock you from the air whenever you try to jump, and unleash devastating moves that will almost kill you instantly.

The female commando driven tank.

The enemies are fairly inventive, including but not limited to a rather goofy looking Incan god, a robotic Frankenstein, a tank, and a naked, fat, baby Dragonball Z reject.

The final boss, Fat Naked Baby Goku!!

All in all, Oni is a very fun game, even more so with two players. The only real drawback is it's length. Once you beat six enemies, it's over.

Yukihime's Super Move. Again, yes, she's naked.

Titi-caca!!! Lol.

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