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Commandments of the True Gamer

The Obscure Arcade
Vol. 1 - Metamorphic Force
Vol. 2 - Oni : The Ninja Master
Vol. 3 - Chiller
Vol. 4 - Osman / Cannon Dancer

Nerds Are Awesome
Vol. 1 - Still Alive
Vol. 2 - Smash Bros.

My last name is Kruger. I was born on Friday the 13th. Seriously.

I live in New Orleans.

I love video games. All systems, all consoles, all of them. You will just as soon see me playing a 1980's arcade game as you would the latest 360 release.

I love any and all horror games. I'm a horror fanatic.

I'm also a fighting game whore, especially 2-d fighters.

I enjoy playing old school games on emulators, and love finding old school games I've never heard of before.

I just got a new gaming tv! A 40" Sony Bravia LCD! It's gorgeous for games. Hit me up on Xbox Live : TheX13thXDragon.

Other shit I like, in no particular order:
Transformers, G.I. Joe, books, MC Chris, Lost, dragons, Puss N Boots from Shrek, H.P. Lovecraft, The Dark Tower, Tech N9ne, photography, samurai, Staind, animals, beer, X-Files, lots of other shit.

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Sooo....... I haven't blogged in like, forever. I prefer to spend more time playing games than talking about them. I lurk every day though, I read the 'Toid and I read all your c-blogs. I'm like a peeping tom, spying on you guys from the safety of my hidden location. Only I have pants on. Sometimes. Ok, I usually don't. But that's another topic entirely.

Ok so I have a large collection of the "vidja gaymes". Recently I've been trying to organize / catalog / and store my games and I've been taking pictures for archival and insurance purposes. I've been seeing people blogging with pics of their collections and I thought, "Why not?" I might as well share mine.

So here is the first part of my collection, Fighters & Classic Collections.

KoF and SNK fighters.

Mortal Kombats, Street Fighters and Guilty Gears.

The soul still burns.

DOA and one of the greatest fighters of all time, MvC2.

I'm a sucker for Old School compilations.

More Old School gaming goodness.

I'm a total whore for fighting games and old school games. Aside from these pictured, I have an extensive collection of NOT roms and NOT burned Dreamcast games. If you don't see it here, I probably have it in some shape or form. I think I have pretty much every fighting game ever made. I'm addicted to them, it's like crack only it doesn't kill you.

Part 2 will be up sometime. Whenever I have time in between playing games, drinking and masturbating.

The thread. (NSFW, duh) (It's dead now.)

Actually, it was uh, a friend of mine that found it. Why would I be browsing 4chan anyways? I mean, come on.

Why are you posting pics of yourself on 4chan, Butmac?

So I got the latest issue of Gameinformer today, and as I begin to page through it, I notice a picture of the lovely Meagan. After staring at Meagan for a few minutes, I realize there's some loser standing next to her. OH MY GOD IT'S CHAD CONCELMO!!


I wish Meagan would come back to Destructoid.....



No seriously, I did.

So it's like 4:30 in the morning and I'm drunk. AWESOME GET!!!! I'm also bored. Anyways, I've been looking at a bunch of game sites and realized that there is a bunch of gamer traits that I hate. So without further ado, my top 10 list of gamer traits that I hate.

10. People that skip cut-scenes the first time through.

09. People who don't read the tutorials and then ask me "What do I do?"

08. People who use cheats, exploits and glitches in Left 4 Dead.

07. People who don't read dialogue text from NPC's.

06. People who "boost" for Achievements.

05. Console specific fanboys.

04. Team killers.

03. People who think they are good at fighting games because they totally spazzed out on the controller and accidentally won a fight but don't know how to do a single special move.

02. Anyone who still thinks "teabagging" is hilarious.

01. People who think online multi-player is more important than a story driven single player experience.


Well, here we go again. I'm sitting here in New Orleans, still debating on if I should leave or not. I'll probably leave in the morning, or maybe I'll just sit here and play Castle Crashers until the power goes out.

Anyways, wish me luck fellow DToiders! I'll need all the help I can get. Hopefully I'll see all you guys back here in a few days!

RonBurgandy2010 will also possibly be affected by this, so be sure to wish him luck as well!