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5:57 PM on 04.02.2012

Dreaming: The Boss

Have you ever wondered about The Boss? Why is she the way she is? What dramatic experiences took place in her life to make her be what she was? Metal Gear Solid is known for creating the most amazing storylines and background for characters, they make them a real breathing organism in this life. Solid Snake with him finding out that he was a clone, Big Boss who followed orders until that one shot from The Patriot changed his ideology of war, Raiden who was a mass murder who tried to change all that. All these people with lives, with diversity in every single one. All of these people have been seen except for arguably the best person in that whole universe. The Boss.
Every fan of the series has seen the "Big Boss wants you!" sign Konami put up not to long ago, so people do know that there is a chance that Metal Gear Solid 5 can still be made. The Boss would be a perfect fit. I want to know what happened during World War 2, how did she find the Cobras? What got her in the relationship with The Sorrow? How did she meet Snake? Why did she see more in him then her own child? All these questions would come with this amazing game. I would enjoy to see her fight in World War 2, I would enjoy seeing her change everything she believed in.
During my experience with Snake Eater, I was finally excited to see the man that made the clones. How was he like? Who was he? Will David Hayter still play his voice? All of these answered as I went threw, but the one thing that I never got answered was, who really was The Boss? What relationship did she have with Naked Snake? All I know is I didn't get the story the first time around, but as I went on and Snake talked about the experiences he had with The Boss made me attach to those two characters even more. The one thing in that game that I got when I played it for the first time was the mission, stop Volgin and kill The Boss. At first I thought 'Sure lets do this.' But by the time I had that final fight with her, I didn't want to do it, and I could hardly watch the end seen with her on the floor in that meadow of daisies. I barely understand that woman but she suddenly entered my Metal Gear Solid life.
When I finished the game for the third time on the HD collection I thought 'Well here we are again, that part of the game that is even hard for me to do' and right when that bullet was shot I had an enormous rush of ideas. 'Metal Gear 2 had you killing Big Boss, they've touched on almost all stories besides hers, Hideo Kojima did tease about number 5.' I thought if he made Metal Gear Solid 5 and it was back in World War 2 with The Boss. If only I am right Konami would hit the gold mine, and I can gloat in front of all my friends constantly saying 'Called It!' until they threw me in a bear pit. If only it was a for sure real thing. My life in gaming would be complete. I would still play, but nothing would ever amount to my idea of how Metal Gear Solid 5 was about The Boss and how awesome it would be.   read

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