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0mfg shamp00z's blog

12:45 AM on 07.02.2010

GayStation SuX!! halos is the best and haz bettur graphixxxxx!!x!!

I hope that got y'alls attention. :3 I don't mean that btw.. I love all consoles.
You guys can call me Caesar or Cesar. (some people think it's cool to have a friend named Caesar. :D)
I've been lurking in Dtoid for about a 2 years and signed up a while back. I'm in LOVE with the Dtoid community and I am for Jim btw. :D

I've been a gamer ever since my dad brought home a genesis with sonic 2? I dunno. Then I got a Nintendo 64 with LoZ:OoT and a shitty racing rally game. Then a ps2 which my dad made me play Socom with him. :o I was like 8 idk lol.

To this day all I have left is two xbox 360s and a wii. I use to have a good amount of games, but my parents got divorced. :l so now if I want to get a game I have to ask my dad, but I rarely see him :(, or trade in 3 games to get a new one. For example, I had to trade in Mass Effect 2, BFBC2, and Borderlands.:'( My mom is completly againest video games. She won't buy me anything related to that at all.


Anyways enough of me and this horrible iPod Touch typing. I'd like to add people from Dtoid to play Red Dead with me :D
My tag is: hood 57

p.s. If this blog sounded stupid blame my iPod and my dog. They kept on annoying me so things might not make sense.   read

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