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No, YOUUUUUU're game sucks!

Adam Sessler, one of the last few respectable people left on G4 (next to his on-stage partner, Horseface) has gotten a bit of criticism for his review of Resident Evil 5. And knowing gamers and the o-so-wondrous people of the internet, he had gone ahead and created a video that was recorded before the review was released to help explain to people why he said what he said about the game.

I've always been a fan of the man's Soapbox videos, and this one is something that everyone should check out. Coming from a very well-spoken person, Sessler is able to point out some of the things that he feels are flaws in the game and then thoroughly explain himself. I seriously thought was I was alone on the whole controls issue until watching the vid. I'll definitely still be picking up this game, since I was a huge fan of RE4, don't get me wrong. But Capcom really needs to learn when to move on and leave the whole "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" mentality that it seems to keep with several of its games.

Also, the video and written review can be watched herez.

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