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-D- avatar 11:51 AM on 11.08.2007  (server time)
Certified Mario Maniac: pics 'cause it did happen

There comes a time in every gamer's life when they have to prove their hardcore ways or befall the humiliation of people saying you like to play Diner Dash on friday nights, alone. You could always say things like "I beat Battletoads without crying" or "Castlevania 3 isn't tough at all" but the assassin's bullet will sneak by in the form of "pics or it didn't happen!" Thankfully, I have pics.

I was hoping to have taken a picture of this alongside a copy of Super Mario Galaxy, but my Best Buy wasn't talking and managed to scoot by my wily ways. So here it is, all by itself: my Super Mario All-Stars World 9 Challenge Patch.

Back when Super Mario All-Stars came out on SNES, Nintendo Power had a little challenge going on in the magazine. If you could make it to World 9 in The Lost Levels, which had to be done by not using ANY warps, and mailed in a picture, they sent you this nifty patch. I got one and my parents framed it, probably because they foresaw no other great accomplishments in my life past the age of 11 and needed something to cling to. I had forgotten about this until recently while banging around some old stuff and thought I'd share it with you cool cats. Anybody else remember this challenge and/or get their dirty mitts on a patch? I'll sell you mine for a shiny catfish.

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