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Fan-Made Halo Trailers

Wow. I haven't posted anything on the clogs in ages. Anyway, to the point. Why is it that most fan made trailers for Halo Movies blow ass? Seriously. Either they use the halo theme (which i have nothing against, just that it...


MGS Podtoid. I am David Hayter

As some of you may know, Snake tongue is my first language. STFU Chad and just for the luls, i recorded a couple more. CRAB BATTLE - for Dyslixec No Hero Monologue You wouldn't understand...


Final Fantasy XI for the 360...

Havent even played it yet my step bro picked up a copy and let me use it since he doesnt have xbox live so i said sure, popped it into my console and get into the PlayOnline launcher. you have to eregister or whatever to u...


XBL update = bad

wtf is going on here? so i get home after a hard day's work to play some COD4, like anyone else but what do i get greeted to? supreme lag in the lobby and trying to get to the x box live lobby. so the update has taken eff...


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