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8:18 PM on 06.30.2009

Fan-Made Halo Trailers

Wow. I haven't posted anything on the clogs in ages.

Anyway, to the point. Why is it that most fan made trailers for Halo Movies blow ass? Seriously. Either they use the halo theme (which i have nothing against, just that its not trailer music), Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin (once again, i have nothing against, just not trailer music), or Requiem of a Dream (if i have to listen to that damn song one more time im going to punt a small dog across the street.).

Why hasn't any respectable videos come up to send all the crappy ass videos to shame? The last good one I've seen was when 300 came out, when Ron put those Halo clips over the 300 Trailer. But that wasn't even for Halo. What I'm Trying to say is that we need better trailers to discourage people from ruining the halo theme, blow me away, and requiem of a dream (god, i still have nightmares with that song playing).

In response to these dunces, I made my own. Mostly because I was bored and had nothing better to do. Enjoy.


Your feedback is much appreciated.   read

10:44 PM on 05.06.2008

MGS Podtoid. I am David Hayter

As some of you may know, Snake tongue is my first language.


and just for the luls, i recorded a couple more.

CRAB BATTLE - for Dyslixec

No Hero Monologue

You wouldn't understand...   read

9:50 PM on 04.22.2008

We trusted Ron, but here we see MGS4 for the 360.

We all trust Mr. Greybush when he drunkly points out news.

Recently, i was just browsing around the internets and such for some well edited videos with the cinematic clips from the Metal Gear Solid series. upon these, It seems Playstation fanboys tease and riticule the 360 in the fact that it will not be receiving the much anticipated fourth installment of the Metal Gear Solid series. Although, to my surprise, i found an article that caught my attention immediately.

here, it displays that a version of Metal Gear Solid 4: Gun of the Patriots is available for pre-order for the 360, and will be released September 26th of this year, merely five months after the old Playstation release of the game. With this, you can make the prediction that it would be released in november due to the delay of the PS3 release to June. Although, the 360 item was removed from the list afterwards.

We all have heard rumors before, and even so called "confirmed" states that it would be released for the 360. Yet even with such, PS3 fanboys refuse to shed some light on this.

This is something that cant easily be ignored. Hideo Kojima stated: "Metal Gear Solid 4 is technically possible on Xbox 360, Other Konami teams were able to get their hands on the Xbox 360 tools before (Kojima)..." which is why he had chosen the Playstation 3 for his project.

Believe it or not, this is no Halo advertisement.

sources: IGN, HMV, CVG   read

8:06 PM on 12.31.2007

Final Fantasy XI for the 360...

Havent even played it yet

my step bro picked up a copy and let me use it since he doesnt have xbox live

so i said sure, popped it into my console and get into the PlayOnline launcher.

you have to eregister or whatever to use PlayOnline, so i started going through it.

this is where i turned it off and laughed.

they wanted to know my credit card number (and usually people dont require you to put your credit card number unless they are going to charge you for service.)

at the top, it read: "Play Online will not charge you for use of its services, although you must provide a valid credit card number"

anyone played this for the 360 before? any suggestions? cuz im fairly certain that their gonna charge me, like it is for the PC and stuff   read

8:15 PM on 12.04.2007

XBL update = bad

wtf is going on here?

so i get home after a hard day's work to play some COD4, like anyone else

but what do i get greeted to?

supreme lag in the lobby and trying to get to the x box live lobby.

so the update has taken effect, and looked alright at the time...

but it sucked major balls once i couldnt get into a match

- i couldnt get into a match

- my xbox would freeze up when i invited a friend

- gamertags wouldnt load

- waited 10 minutes to find a match, to have the game lobby closed once i got in

this is bullshit

someone better get to fixing this shit before i bust a cap in a small goat.   read

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