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Blizzard's DOTA mod for StarCraft II is still on the way

2:00 PM on 08.18.2011

Jordan Devore

Managing Editor

Remember how Blizzard told us it was working on a Defense of the Ancients mod for StarCraft II, and then proceeded to not bring it up again? Me too! The latest update on this front comes from senior game designer Jonny Ebbert at gamescom. He pins it as releasing around the same time as Heart of the Swarm.

In other words, not anytime soon. Great. Suppose it's nice to hear that this project hasn't been abandoned, but that's me painfully forcing myself to be an optimist. And, speaking of DOTA mods, now I'm just sad that the next installment of Warcraft isn't a real thing we can play.

Blizzard DOTA launch plans revealed [Eurogamer]

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Jordan Devore
Managing Editor
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