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Blacklight: Retribution dev diary details customization

9:30 PM on 12.09.2011

Sterling Aiayla Lyons

PC Contributor

The Blacklight development team is back with another video to follow their dev diary video series. Before, they just showed off their own excitement, and talked about the technology and art behind the game. This time, they talk about my personal favorite improvement to the game: customization.

It's something I talked about a little bit in my preview of the first phase of the closed beta. The customization is really all that and a bag of chips. They video details many of the big aspects, but yet, there was still a lot more not covered, such as voice packs, titles, and emblems. It makes the customization in other similar shooters like Call of Duty -- or even Battlefield -- look limited and antiquated by comparison.

The move to a free-to-play model certainly seems to have allowed the developers a great deal of freedom to experiment with the game's various mechanics. It is currently in closed beta, and interested persons can apply to check it out over at the Blacklight website.

Also, female soldiers!

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