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Bit Transmission episode 7 w/ Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games

5:00 PM on 05.12.2010 // Conrad Zimmerman

Look, you'd be terrified too, alright? That dragon is frightening.

Episode 7 of Bit Transmission is now available for your listening pleasure. Joining us for the show is Gaijin Games CEO, Alex Neuse. We talk about their highly epic Bit.Trip series, something Jonathan Holmes has worked up an extensive theory on. Plus some discussion on the trials and tribulations of being an independent developer and we touch briefly on the games as art debate.

All you have to do to enjoy the show is click below! Or, if you follow the jump, we're testing out a new player for folks who would rather not download the episode. Full show notes also reside after the break.

Direct download: BTP007.mp3

Bit Transmission ep#007 

Total running time: 1:16:15

0:01:02 - 0:04:00 | Bit.Trip Runner
0:04:10 - 0:06:57 | Game Over
0:06:58 - 0:09:24 | Ch-ch-ch-changes
0:09:25 - 0:10:40 | Going deeper
0:10:45 - 0:15:15 | Bit.Trip V
0:16:34 - 0:18:00 | Holmes is a danger to himself and others
0:18:05 - 0:24:45 | Atari 2600 influences
0:22:44 - 0:24:02 | WarioWare D.I.Y. microgames
0:24:30 - 0:27:30 | Being indie
0:27:31 - 0:31:06 | The price of progress
0:30:40 - 0:31:37 | Art games
0:34:06 - 0:34:48 | Cross-platform releases?
0:36:45 - 0:38:10 | Making it as an indie
0:39:18 - 0:42:50 | Lilt Line
0:42:51 - 0:43:48 | Gaming under the influence
0:43:48 - 0:46:23 | What's Alex playing?
0:47:37 - 0:49:37 | Back to Bit.Trip Runner
0:49:58 - 0:51:59 | The world of Bit.Trip
0:52:00 - 0:53:40 | Replay value
0:53:41 - 0:56:22 | Challenges
0:56:24 - 0:58:30 | The feeling you get
0:58:31 - 1:02:30 | Genre-bending
1:02:31 - 1:08:02 | Defining art
1:09:32 - 1:12:50 | Closing and episode 8 tease

Music used in this episode

Transition - Bit.Trip Beat OST
Descent - Bit.Trip Beat OST


Subscribe to the show with iTunes or RSS (Zune coming soon!). Don't forget that you can also follow Bit Transmission on Twitter, which makes us trendy and awesome. E-mail your grievances to bits (at) bittransmission (dot) com or visit the Bit Transmission forum.


Conrad Zimmerman, Moustache
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An avid player of tabletop and video games throughout his life, Conrad has a passion for unique design mechanics and is a nut for gaming history. He can be heard on the comedy podcast () and str... more   |   staff directory

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