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Bioware 'done' with Dragon Age II

9:00 AM on 03.21.2012

Chris Carter

Reviews Director

Coincidentally, so am I! It seems as if only yesterday Bioware was pandering to fans, promising Varric DLC, Flemeth DLC, Leliana DLC, and Morrigan DLC. Well, as of this week, EA's RPG sweatshop has stated that they're completely done with Dragon Age II -- no DLC, support, or expansions. I know people who bought DAII because of the promises of Varric DLC, so no doubt some of you out there are disappointed. Considering it was already outed that the game was rushed, this doesn't bode well for the franchise as a whole, despite the fact that they're seemingly already moving to the next cash cow -- which may or may not be Dragon Age III.

As everyone probably knows, Dragon Age II, while functioning as a servicecable shallow action RPG, had a ton of mechanical and design issues, most notably the constant reusal of assets and dungeons. When Bioware promised new DLC, fans gave a sigh of relief, thinking that maybe future content would solve a few fundamental issues with the game. We ended up getting one lackluster sidestory and a vehicle for the wooden Felicia Day. Has someone made a mod that ports most of Origins into Dragon Age II yet?

Mark Darrah on the conclusion of Dragon Age II [Bioware]

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Chris Carter
Reviews Director follow

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