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Battlefield multiplayer trailer and first look at Karkand

9:00 PM on 10.19.2011  ·  Fraser Brown@FraserIBrown

The fact that it's not already October 25 has sent me into a fit of rage. Battlefield 3's latest mutliplayer trailer has calmed me down a little, at least to the degree that exploding vehicles and warfare can calm a person. If it doesn't succeed in calming you down, then I suggest freezing yourself for a wee while.

The video gives us glimpses of each of the nine maps and a sneak peak of the Back to Karkand DLC. I'm looking forward to seeing how they've updated it in more detail soon. The game launches on October 25 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Damn, I'm getting angry again.


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#Battlefield 3 #DLC #EA DICE #First-person shooter #multiplayer #Teaser #Trailers #video
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Fraser Brown is that bearded, bespectacled Scotsman that covers PC gaming who is not Alasdair Duncan. Got a splinter stuck in his hand nineteen years ago and just left it in there. True story. ... more
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