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Battlefield 4 conquers Japanese charts in debut

7:00 AM on 11.15.2013

Kyle MacGregor

Associate Editor

EA's shooter topples Pokémon X & Y in first week on the market

Battlefield 4 unloaded over 133,000 copies on the Japanese market in its debut, according to data obtained by tracking authority Media Create.

The PlayStation 3 version of DICE's first-person shooter vanquished all challengers in its first week on the market. The title sold 121,699 units on the way to dethroning Pokémon X & Y, which spent the previous month atop the Japanese charts. The victory was a narrow one though, as Game Freak's steadfast role-player moved 115,630 copies during the same period.

The Xbox 360 release of Battlefield 4 charted at number 17 with 10,547 sales.

PS3 バトルフィールド4 が12万1000本で首位獲得 Akiba's Trip 2 合計5万3000本など,新作が続々ランクインした 週間販売ランキング+ [4Gamer]

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