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Baldur's Gate I & II revived in new enhanced editions

5:15 PM on 03.15.2012
Baldur's Gate I & II revived in new enhanced editions photo

If you were one of the many who flooded camped out on the Baldur's Gate site to watch the clock count down on their big announcement...you probably saw a lot of the above image today. Now that the digital dust has cleared, I can inform you that Baldur's Gate is back! In a post on the official site, Overhaul Games reveals they've brought together a team to bring us enhanced editions of both Baldur's Gate I and II. These releases will be more than just a remake, they'll also include new content alongside the old, both crafted in a "reforged version of the Infinity Engine" with a promised variety of improvements. The development team also includes members who worked on the original games, thus ensuring the new content has a solid chance at fitting right into the Baldur's Gate universe.

The butt kicking for goodness begins again when Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition debuts this summer. Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition will come at a later, though no time frame has been given.

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