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Bloggers Wanted

Bloggers Wanted: They call me spooky

Don't be afraid...
Oct 05
// Pixie The Fairy
October is a rarity among months in gaming. Often, you can't really think of a good game to pair with Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter, but you can certainly think of games for Halloween. It's a time we turn our thoughts to ...
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Bloggers Wanted

Bloggers Wanted: Those meddling kids

I would have gotten away with it, too...
Sep 01
// Pixie The Fairy
Everyone wants a better life. Some people might take shortcuts, like robbing a bank, to get to there. Perhaps you discovered an amazing ability that made your life more interesting and decided to use that ability to your adva...
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Better with Age: All about The Boss

Promoted from our community blogs
Aug 01
// Pixie The Fairy
[In the heat of the moment, we decided to bring Pixie's blog on MGS up front. Hope you enjoy it. While I'm at it, check out Band of Bloggers, under new management, starting with Hideo Kojima games! ~Strider] [Heads up: I'm sp...
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Pixiedust #1

Pixiedust #1: Hello!

Thoughts from the community team!
Jul 05
// Pixie The Fairy
I should probably be working on the monthly recap right now, but I'm still a bit under the weather and off my sleep cycle. You can expect it to be up in the community blogs sometime soon. That said, I thought I'd take a page ...

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Bloggers Wanted: Better with age

What a thrill...
Jul 02
// Pixie The Fairy
Each time a new Metal Gear Solid draws closer to release, I find myself replaying the games that came before it. Some of this is done to refresh my memory on the story (which there is a lot of), but I also like getting to exp...

Regarding STFUAJPG

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Dec 22
// Pixie The Fairy
[Dtoid community blogger Pixielated shares some thoughts on the meaning of STFUAJPG. What does it mean to you? --Mr Andy Dixon] I've been hanging out here for a year now. Yep, I joined Dtoid the day the world was supposed to ...
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I'll face myself: Transcending the gender binary in games

Promoted from our Community Blogs
Jan 30
// Pixie The Fairy
[Dtoid community blogger Pixielated shares an introductory blog with the community and examines how some positive gender representations in gaming can help people better understand their own identity. Want to see your own wor...

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