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I suck at games: I suck at World 8-1

Aug 10
// pendelton21
[It's time for another Monthly Musing -- the monthly community blog theme that provides readers with a chance to get their articles and discussions printed on the frontpage. -- CTZ]    In case you hadn't heard...
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Playing with others: My dad and I love Shaq-Fu

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Jan 30
// pendelton21
[Editor's note: pendelton21 talks about how he bonded with his father through Shaq-Fu for his Monthly Musing piece. -- CTZ] My father is a gigantic f*cking nerd. For some background: he majored in History in college, collec...

A Time To Destroy: Rampage

Dec 05
// pendelton21
[Editor's note: pendelton21 kicks off this month's Monthly Musing theme with the original Rampage for his A Time to Destroy piece. -- CTZ] When having any sort of discussion about destruction in videogames, you have to start...

The FEAR: Chainsaws

Oct 27
// pendelton21
[Editor's note: pendelton21 tells us his fear of the chainsaw for his Monthly Musing piece. -- CTZ]If you fine folks would indulge me for a moment, turn off anything you're listening to. Any music, any TV shows, everything; m...

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