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Hi, I'm Ross
Things have changed, but this generally covers me. In fact, lots of things have changed. Anyway, I like to play videogames, talk about them, and write about them. You may have seen me posting a few comments on the front page; it's rare, but it happens. You may have also seen me in the Forums, which I occasionally rear my head in as Brightside. Send me a friend request, here, there, or on any of my consoles. I'm sure we can be friends forever.

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Pardon my dust
I'm having a little trouble getting the blog's layout right (*shakes fist at Niero*), so bear with me. Also, Imgur decided it'd be cool to kill loads of my images, so don't be surprised to see lots of broken ones if you're looking through my old shit.
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Tales from Skyrim: I'll grit my teeth as you bear yours

[Last week, I asked you to tell me your best unique story from your playthrough of Skyrim. Today's promotion comes from Ross, who got a fantastic story out of a simple encounter with a couple sabre cats. If you want to see yo...   more

Tales from Skyrim: I'll grit my teeth as you bear yours photo

Labor Day: Labor of Lovecraft

[Last week, I asked you to tell me about a moment in your gaming career that really made you work hard. Today's promoted blog on that topic is from Ross, who explains all of the work he's put into Minecraft and how it alm...   more

Labor Day: Labor of Lovecraft photo