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Live Show: Playing True Crime: Streets of LA

Looking back at games I once enjoyed
Mar 31
// Phil
I got to thinking this weekend about what games I used to enjoy playing a lot, a bit of a nostalgia trip as it were. One game that would often pop up in my head is True Crime: Streets of LA. At first glance the game may decep...

Live Show: Playing some Nier to bring us into our weekend

Because we are "Nier-ly" done with this week
Mar 28
// Phil
There was a time back when I did playthroughs on our live channel and I really wanted to do a run of Nier. The game has been sitting in my collection for as long as I can remember and I still have yet to play more than the fi...

Live Show: We got Titanfall early

I've covered steams, ya know?
Mar 10
// Phil
So you may have heard of a little event we are having tomorrow where we are doing an extra-long show and giving away a shiny new Xbox One bundled with a copy of Titanfall among other fantastic prizes. Want more info on that? ...

Live Show: Playing through Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

What is a stream?
Mar 03
// Phil
Some of you may be aware that last week a major change happened over on our live channel. Our beloved leader Rick "King Foom" (it's his birthday today, so wish him a happy birthday, will you?) stepped down and passed the meta...


Chill with Phil! Titanfall anyone?

It's kinda like Metal Gear?
Feb 15
// Phil
Alright everyone, we all know I haven't been doing my weekly playthrough show for a while now, but like a mighty phoenix I have risen from the smoldering ashes of my previously fried video card and am now ready to jump back i...
Video Game Clubhouse photo
Video Game Clubhouse

Video Game Clubhouse: A good 'Games for Gold' game!?

Puppy naps for everyone.
Jan 02
// Phil
Sure, tons of people often bash Microsoft's offerings when it comes to their Games for Gold promotion. But, ladies and gentlemen, it seems they have stepped their game up! Because, for FREE, right now, you can download Sleepi...

Live show: Our favorite games from the year

Videogames Club House
Dec 26
// Phil
It's that time of the year again where we, as gamers, like to look back and reflect on what we most enjoyed in the games we played. With all these game of the year posts floating around we over on the Clubhouse have also gott...

The Gentlemen's Club! The last one... for the year!?

Dec 18
// Phil
Spencer and I are both two people who get really excited whenever our favorite non-denominational holiday rolls around. We have already been getting into the mood by listening to some of the greatest seasonal song hits from B...

The Core no more, Come check out the Video Game Clubhouse

Fan art/title card brought to you by Max Scoville.
Dec 03
// Phil
You guys may remember a little show Spencer and I did having something to do with cores over on our twitch channel. You don't? Good because that show isn't around anymore. It has changed, evolved and mutated into something be...

Chill with Phil! I managed to get an Xbox One, let's go!

Putting Metal Gear off once again!
Nov 23
// Phil
It's another week ladies and gents and coming along with it another major console release. And with the release of the Xbox One we are officially at the start of the next generation of games! Feels a bit like a birthday, you ...

The Gentlemen's Club! Bears wearing armor, that's it

Nov 20
// Phil
You guys may remember a movie called The Golden Compass. While out searching for games to play on a show Spencer and I came across the game based on this movie. This movie had bears wearing armor...BEARS IN ARMOR. So naturall...

Chill with Phil! So I have this PlayStation 4...

Yep, this is happening.
Nov 16
// Phil
Hey guys, I know we are in the middle of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty right now, but something big happened. This new thing that all the kids are super excited about happened and somehow I have found myself knee d...

Chill with Phil! Metal Gear Solid 2 begins! (again!)

"No! That is (still) NOT Solid Snake!"
Nov 09
// Phil
You guys may remember about two weeks ago I was supposed to start Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty on the show. Well, if you watched that show you know how it was plagued with all sorts of technical problems and the e...

The Gentlemen's Club! We are ruining our friendship live!

Nov 06
// Phil
Spencer and I pretty much agree that Mario Party 2 is the best in the series. The characters cosplay depending on what stage they were in! You haven't Mario Partied until you see Donkey Kong in a wizard outfit, that's what I ...

Chill with Phil! We are starting Metal Gear Solid 2!

"No! That is NOT Solid Snake!"
Oct 26
// Phil
Alright everyone, let's go back to around 2001. You are a fan of Metal Gear Solid, and it's sequel is right around the corner and you can't wait to play the next part of Solid Snake's story. You have been holding onto your Pl...

The Gentlemen's Club! Deadly Premonition giveaway!

Did you hear that, Zach?
Oct 23
// Phil
So guys, I am sure you have heard of the Gentlemen's Club, right? It's the weekly show Spencer Hayes and I host where we hang out with you guys and play all sorts of games and try to focus on when local multiplayer was the on...

Chill with Phil! Can we finish Metal Gear Solid tonight?

What was that noise!?
Oct 19
// Phil
So in playing through Metal Gear Solid again I have come to realize that sneaking can be a little difficult when all you can do is run. This being the case I have been charging through it faster than normal, we may even ...

Chill with Phil: Annual Metal Gear Series Playthrough!

Whose footprints are these!?
Oct 12
// Phil
So, for those of you that don't know much about me, I love Metal Gear, like a lot. In fact saying I love it may be an understatement in itself. As I sit here and stare at my profile picture and all of my Metal Gear games and ...

Chill with Phil! Grand Theft Auto Online with you!

Still putting that MGS playthrough off. :(
Oct 05
// Phil
Let me take a moment to introduce myself. Some of you may already know who I am, for those who don't, my name is Phil and I have been doing live shows over on Destructoid's TwitchTV channel for around two and a half years. I ...

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