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12:00 PM on 10.18.2009

Giygas: A psychoanalysis of evil Itself

[Editor's note: We're not just a (rad) news site -- we also publish opinions/editorials from our community & employees like this one, though be aware it may not jive with the opinions of Destructoid as a whole, or how our...

5:30 PM on 11.30.2008

A Time to Build: Constructing a deck

[Editor's note: Scary Womanzing Pig Mask talks about virtual deck building for his A Time to Build Monthly Musing. -- CTZ] I have a confession to make: I like children’s card games. Not like Gin Rummy or Crazy Eights,...

1:55 PM on 11.01.2008

The FEAR: Running out of items

[Editor's note: SWPM talks about the fear of running out of items for his Monthly Musing piece. -- CTZ] It’s the end stretch of the Cliff That Time Forgot. All that stands between me and Giygas is one last Starmen. Wh...