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Gaming Evangelist. Game Creator. Gamer.

I head up an indie dev studio called Wicked Loot. Been working in the game industry for many years now. It's the only life I know.

I pretty much done it all. QA. Marketing. Game Design. Coding. Editor. The guy who had to wear the (stank) mascot costume at a gaming event. The guy who drove a truck to deliver games to a warehouse. For the love of the game.

Fave Game Now: Clash of Clans, soon to be replaced by Plants vs Zombies 2
(Yes, an iPad game!)

Fave Game of 2012: Borderlands 2
(+200 hrs played!)

Fave Game of All Time: King of Kings
(An old school NES strategy game.)

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6:00 PM on 04.27.2013

Indie game Munch Face wants your feedback

Aloha from Oahu! Working on an indie game called Munch Face for a 3 month stint in Hawaii, and this morn we're doing a code jam, and this evening a Spam Jam. Spam Jam is a real thing. It's a festival... for Spam... Anyways, o...