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He's the internet's premičre fat, straight, white, videogame-talking guy! For humor, overwrought straw-grasping, and college-dropout-level writing, look no further than Preposterous Whitey!

Host of "The Dead Pixels Podcast", a Destructoid Community Podcast! Tune in every other Saturday for discussions of B-tier retro games with occasional guests from the videogame industry!

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4:00 PM on 11.09.2013

Nintendope: My fantasy hang-out session with the Big N

[Dtoid community blogger DoctorHair shared this... uh... well, he... yeah... just read it. It's goddamn hilarious. --Mr Andy Dixon] Welcome to Fantasy Blunt Scenarios: A new, ongoing original series concerning groups of peopl...

Preposterous Whitey