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Artistry shines in this Puppeteer launch trailer

5:00 AM on 09.11.2013

Steven Hansen

Features Editor

You need to see this game in motion

A few days ago, we posted a series of Puppeteer-ible improvisation theatre. It was as endearing as it was bad. Still, I wouldn't blame you if that weird and unexpected video set didn't sell you on the darling little game, so here's a proper launch trailer.

I know Jim's review went up two whole days ago and thus in the annals of the internet the game is ancient and forgotten, but hopefully this will jog your memory. The budget title (it's launching at retail for $40) is high on innovation and artistry, replete with dizzying color schemes and neat theatre machinations as the stage warps around, clunking and clicking. 

I want to see more unique little adventures like Puppeteer. Sony Japan still seems chock full of them, with things like Rain and Tokyo Jungle, not to mention Gravity Rush, one of my favorite games of recent years.

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Steven Hansen
Features Editor follow
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