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Art Attack Friday: Mikey

7:00 PM on 12.19.2008 // Hamza CTZ Aziz

You all knew this was coming. Art Attack Friday is all about Dtoider Mikey today. He’s become a fan favorite in the Community Blogs due to his fantastic art and we just promoted his latest work to the front page.

For the past few weeks, Mikey has been holding a contest with each new piece he puts up. Users have 24 hours to leave a comment telling what Mikey should draw next. The winner is chosen randomly and you won’t find out who has won until the next comic has gone up. The results have been pretty funny, especially the Mr. Destructoid looking ashamed wearing Link's clothes one.

Mikey is pretty good at Photoshop and cosplaying as well. The real-world Shadow of the Colossus 'shoop is pretty epic, and he made one of the best Bowser costumes I’ve ever seen.

Check out the gallery above and his deviantART for more of Mikey’s artwork.

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