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Apollo Justice is a hardcore badass

8:30 PM on 03.14.2013

Tony Ponce


The art community loves Apollo's new 'tude

The second that news hit about Apollo Justice's makeover for the upcoming Ace Attorney 5, web artists like Umberon went nuts with the concept. Apollo's trying to pull a Raiden over here! You sneaky devil!

Speaking of Raiden, this piece by HelloWinter looks as though it was pulled straight from Metal Gear Solid character designer Yoji Shinkawa's sketchbook. Some of the other contributions -- by Dilfosaur, Glimmerousfap, Good Job Jules, Hermajestysass, and Stepladderer -- go in a far more rude direction. Give 'em a look!

Handsome, bratty, and maybe a bit vulgar: Apollo Justice [Tiny Cartridge]

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