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Angry Birds are on your feet

3:15 PM on 09.03.2011

Victoria Medina


Angry Birds, a mobile app game that started small, has become a huge phenomenon with ports to all other major systems (it even has a board game now), and even some apparel. Now shoes can be added to the list of things Angry Birds has conquered. Although the shoes are exclusively carried in China, the internet allows all things, and if you really want a pair, you can buy them online for about twenty dollars (not including s/h).

Angry Birds was fun, I played it and I liked it. I can't say I would ever wear it though. I wasn't totally pumped about the shirts I saw, and I'm into these shoes either. I admit that they don't look too bad, but I don't want them on my feet.

Angry Bird Dev Releases Irritable Avian Footwear, But Only in China [The Escapist]

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