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Amplitude Kickstarter crosses finish line with $844K

7:00 AM on 05.24.2014

Kyle MacGregor

Associate Editor

Congrats, Harmonix!

It's over. The Kickstarter campaign for Amplitude, a revival of Harmonix Music System's 2003 PlayStation 2 game, has run its course. After achieving its $775,000 funding goal with precious little time to spare, the project concluded with a grand total of $844,127.

Despite exceeding its initial target by a hefty amount, we shouldn't forget that sum accounts for "less than half" of what's necessary to fund the project, according to Harmonix director of publishing John Drake. So, rest assured, the Rock Band studio will still be kicking in a fair bit of its own reserves to bankroll development.

Once the campaign was officially a success, Harmonix announced a $1,250,000 stretch goal, which would have financed head-to-head online multiplayer. While pledges fell short of that milestone, backers can still look forward to four-player local multiplayer and asynchronous online play.

Amplitude [Kickstarter]

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