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All evidence of XCOM shooter silently disappearing

10:00 AM on 04.16.2013

Jim Sterling

Former Reviews Editor

2K Games suspected of assassinating FPS spin-off

Evidence of the long-in-development XCOM first-person shooter is starting to disappear from the Internet, 2K Games apparently trying to wipe all trace of it from existence. The publisher itself is only offering "no comment" in response to queries. 

The game's official website no longer exists, and 2K has removed the trailers from its official YouTube channel. On the 2K side of things, it's like the poor thing never existed. 

XCOM was announced many years ago, and word of overhauls and delays could well be taken as signs of development hell. With XCOM: Enemy Unknown proving to be an unexpected success for the publisher, it's quite possible 2K decided it didn't need to lean on the FPS crutch to sell the IP. 

Kotaku has word that Take-Two recently registered domains for a game called The Bureau, with further domains for a site that asks, "What Happened in '62?" It's quite possible that, now XCOM has rightly reaffirmed its genre, the shooter will launch as a brand new IP.

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