*All Double Fine games are on sale this week
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All Double Fine games are on sale this week

9:00 AM on 10.10.2012·  2 minute read   ·  Dale North@DaleNorth

It's Rocktober!

Double Fine says that October is a special month as it is both Rocktober (for Brutal Legend) and the month of Halloween, which relates to Costume Quest. These and all of their other games are on sale this week, with most discounts starting at 50 percent off, going up to 81 percent off for some items. Discounts stretch from their own store to Amazon to digital outlets, like Xbox Live and Steam.

I love that signed copies of Brutal Legend are 69 percent off (only $20!) at their online shop. See what they did there? Check out the full list below.


Costume Quest: 
Steam, inc. Grubbins on Ice (50% off)
Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)
Grubbins on Ice, Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)

Brütal Legend:
Xbox 360, Double Fine Shop (81% off)
Xbox 360 SIGNED, Double Fine Shop (69% off)
PS3, Double Fine Shop (81% off)
PS3 SIGNED, Double Fine Shop (69% off)

Steam (50% off)
Mac App Store (50% off)
Original Soundtrack, Steam (50% off)
Original Score, Steam (50% off)

Steam, inc. The Lost Hobo King (50% off)
Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)
The Lost Hobo King, Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)

Iron Brigade:
Steam, inc. Rise of the Martian Bear (33% off)
Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)
Rise of the Martian Bear, Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)

Double Fine Happy Action Theater:
Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)

Once Upon a Monster:
Amazon (15% off)



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