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Aliens vs. Predator on PC gets a hefty patch

10:00 PM on 03.22.2010
Aliens vs. Predator on PC gets a hefty patch photo

Not owning the PC version of Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator makes it difficult for me to speak about the state of the game's multiplayer, but from the outside looking in, it sounds like everything is not quite where it needs to be yet.

Of course, this makes any and all news on the patch front extra important. In that respect, today was a good day for AVP players. As someone who had to mess with the formatting of the text-heavy patch notes in order to have them display properly past the fold, let me just say, this is a big one.

Some class balancing, a bunch of bug fixes, and a whole lot of dedicated server-related bullet points can be found in this latest patch, which should be available the next time you boot up Steam. For anyone who has tried multiplayer with these fixes, how's she looking?

[Thanks, Velt][Image]

New Features:

  • In multiplayer damage from the Predator's Smart Disc has been reduced, unless it's a headshot.
  • In multiplayer minor hits from the Predator's Plasma Caster bolts will no longer knock down enemies.
  • When joining a dedicated server on which a round is in-progress you now have a limited time to choose your species/team and skin before entering the game, if the game mode and server settings allow this.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed clients not always being correctly notified that the game had ended.
  • Improvements to the networking code used in dedicated server games to increase stability and reduce pings.
  • DX11 optimisation when using tessellation
  • Fixed DX11 gamma controls on NVIDIA boards
  • Return to the server browsing screen instead of top-level menu when you fail to join a server
  • Fixed the lobby timer not always displaying correctly on clients.
  • Improved 'SayTeam' console command
  • Improvements to ranked matchmaking
  • Fixed occasional problems with peer-to-peer games after playing on a dedicated server
  • Fixed rare multiplayer bug where all players would be disconnected during level load if just one of them had a network problem during the load.
  • Fixed a cause of clients sometimes getting disconnected when pressing ALT+TAB or ALT+ENTER on the end-game scoreboard.
  • Fixed predators being able to cancel other players& Plasma Caster Lock-on.

New Dedicated Server Features:

  • Dedicated server no longer needs the Steam client to be running.
  • Dedicated server can use DLC maps.
  • New console/config file commands for dedicated server for friendly fire, team balancing and species balancing options.
  • New console command to set a Message of the Day
  • When joining a dedicated server on which a round is in-progress you now have a limited time to choose your species/team and skin before entering the game, if the game mode and server settings allow this.
  • The dedicated server now installs to a standalone directory, and the install size is now ~2.2GB instead of 15GB
  • Improved feedback and output for various console commands
  • Improved server console output when players disconnect
  • Improved server console output when there are problems starting the server
  • Additional server console output about the Steam connection
  • The dedicated server will now also be available via the HLDSupdate tool. Please note that while we believe there should be no problems as both the Steam Client version and the HLDSupdate version are identical, we cannot test the HLDSupdate version without making it available to everybody. Server administrators are advised to install and use the HLDSupdate version using their discretion.

Dedicated Server Bug Fixes:

  • Prevent "Adding Master Server" console output looking corrupted.
  • Fixed team selection not working for the first map hosted on a dedicated server
  • Made the ban list file have the servers port number appended so multiple instances on the same hardware are independent
  • Improvements to the networking code used in dedicated server games to increase stability and reduce pings.
  • Fixed cause of clients thinking the host had disconnected at the end of a game which actually ended normally.
  • Fixed predators being able to cancel other players Plasma Caster Lock-on.
  • Fixed an issue where dedicated servers left idle for an extended period of time would result in the first match played having the clients "running around without their bodies attached".
  • Setting the Autostarttime to "0" now correctly turns this feature off, rather than attempting to instantly start the match upon players returning to the lobby and kicking all the clients.

Additional note:

Due to some improvements to the networking code, the new server and client are not compatible with the old versions. Clients who have not yet restarted and updated their game will not see updated servers in the in-game browser and conversely, any servers that have not been updated will no longer be visible in the in-game list for clients who have applied the update. Both new and old servers will be visible in the Steam Client server list but players will see an "Incompatible Version" error message if they attempt to connect to server which has not been updated.

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