Aliens: Colonial Marines to be 'very accessible'

1:15 PM on 08.11.2011

Gearbox is famous for the Brothers In Arms series, but CEO Randy Pitchford doesn't want that to make you think Aliens: Colonial Marines will be about squad control and tactical maneuvers. The reason for this is simple -- you can't use tactics on a freakin' Xenomorph.

"We actually wanted it to be a very accessible experience," he said. "The goal is not to have complicated interfaces, we're not worrying about having things like squad command, you don't need fire maneuvers ... there's no maneuvering on an alien."

Sounds about right to me. Just give me a pulse rifle and army of bugs to kill. Man, I am so stoked for this game.

Gearbox wants Colonial Marines to be "a very accessible experience" [OXM]

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Jim Sterling

Former Reviews Editor