Aliens: Colonial Marines mods add better lighting

Once again, a modder does a developer's job

8:00 AM on 02.15.2013

As usual, unpaid PC gamers have stepped up to the plate and finished what clearly inadequate developers started, adding improvements to the critically mauled Aliens: Colonial Marines. These enhancements add DirectX 10 features and improve the lighting. 

Available only a little over a day since Aliens' launch, SweetFX and Direct X 10 add shadows, lighting, and enhanced colors to make the game look a little closer to the film. More importantly, it goes some what toward making it look like the game Gearbox told us it was going to be. 

Of course, these mods don't fix the woeful A.I., the embarrassing script, the unfinished animations or the generally mediocre combat, but hey -- it's a start! 

Come for the news, stay for the people:

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