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Activision announces Skylanders Giants

10:15 AM on 02.07.2012

Jim Sterling

Former Reviews Editor

Activision has today revealed a follow-up to last year's surprisingly enjoyable Skylanders, continuing the idea of toys that can be scanned into an active videogame world. Skylanders Giants is an all-new game that will introduce a new batch of "giant" Skylanders that are more than twice the size of the original figures. 

There will be eight new figures, and some will feature new "light technology" that will see them light up when placed near the "Portal of Power" peripheral. Eight new regular sized Skylanders will also be introduced, and Giants will be compatible with all the toys already released for last year's title. 

In terms of the game itself, Giants promises wider worlds, with new challenges and battle modes. The titular giants will also have gameplay and abilities that reflect their large size. 

I really liked Skylanders, so I'm eager to see how this one fares. Hopefully the gimmick hasn't worn thin already!

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