A WiiWare trailer for La-Mulana surfaces - destructoid

A WiiWare trailer for La-Mulana surfaces

2:30 PM on 09.06.2012

Indie platformer soon to make long-awaited arrival on service

As you may have heard me mention recently on Podtoid, I've become quite absorbed by La-Mulana of late, playing the enhanced PC version, making maps and taking notes. It's an incredibly refreshing experience, one which doesn't compromise in its puzzles and really forces you to take your time and check every nook and cranny in a huge maze of ruins.

I have thus far resisted the urge to seek out a guide for reference, in part for the satisfaction but also out of a bit of reverence at the same time. This a game which would be absolutely ruined by FAQs and wikis and I'm just having too much fun with it at this point to spoil all by knowing what to do next. Even watching this video revealed more details for me than I would have liked!

If you don't have any such concerns, watch and be tantalized. La-Mulana arrives on WiiWare on September 20.

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