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A whole new Destructoid -- coming soon

3:10 AM on 11.10.2006·  3 minute read   ·  Niero


As you may have noticed, we've moved your cheese. Destructoid is now running on a new publishing system called ElephantBlog which lets us tie in our forums to your comment accounts (and will let us do some really cool Web 2.0 true community stuff in the near future). Like most 1.0 releases, you will more than likely encounter some bugs.  Today we're in the process of flea bathing the filthy puppy that is our new site and want to hear about any and all troubles you run into.  Please email me your bug reports or post the problem on our support forum and I will do my best to respond asap.

Ok, so what's new? Read on ... or jump in! CREATE A DESTRUCTOID ACCOUNT

This is your login to both the forums and your comments.  If you already have a forums account, you can use the same info and link your new comments account to it. You'll also remain logged in from now on so you don't have to identify yourself.  Most importantly you'll receive an email that activates your account. Basically, we just told all spammers to go screw themselves.

Edit by Lackner: Comments are now displayed by username instead of first name. Let the anonymous flaming begin. 



Once you're logged in, you'll see a welcome message appear on the top right corner. This page will have your user options. For the moment, just load one up while we work out the bugs. Yup, it's a little rough. But that changes this weekend. Don't worry - we're going to rescue all of your old comments. I would not have upgraded if we were going to lose those. They'll be back!

Why the change? For one, we couldn't handle getting Dugg every other day on Wordpress.  It's not built for the kind of traffic we now pull. Destructoid reaches roughly 1.5 million unique visitors a month now and growing at ludicrous speed -- so the site was starting to slow down.  Elephant is built for high traffic -- you should already feel the speed difference. Secondly, there's all this ninja code we're hush hush about that's coming soon. But I can promise you this -- once we're done, things are going to get very interesting here... 

Anyway, it's been a crazy seven months (yeah, we're not even a year old yet -- can you believe that?).  I can't thank our readers enough, especially you regulars that  never miss a comment opportunity. Thanks to all of you for sticking with us on the ups and downs. Oh what's this, a PS3 / 2 Wii contest clue snuck in at the end of this paragraph? Sha, like a triangle. Very insightful, batches! Good luck!


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