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A look at Nintendo's Japanese DSi Ware launch titles

3:00 PM on 12.16.2008 // Nick Chester

OK, so it looks like we won't be seeing the Nintendo DSi in territories outside of Japan until sometime next year ... possibly late next year. But hey, that's not going to stop us from coveting what the Japanese already have, is it?

Nintendo has revealed the first batch of downloadable DSi Ware titles, set to launch on December 24, and it's full of some familiar faces and a few oddities. 

Hit the jump for the details. 


Moving Memo

This free download will allow you to keep both voice and written notes, as well as maintain a calendar of events. Photos can be taken with the camera and kept as a memo as well. This is the kind of software functionality I know a lot of people -- at least those who like to keep organized -- have been clamoring for.

While a lot of current-gen smartphones are offering the same functionality, it should be noted that those style phones haven't quite caught on in Japan, where Moving Memo is sure to help make the DSi a hit.

200 DSi Points

Three Times Shuffle, Funny Face, and Scary Numbers

Three separate pieces of software, these are all DSi Ware versions of "magic tricks" found in the Magic Taizen series of games. That title came to the States as Master of Illusion sometime last year, so there's a chance the North American DSi store will launch with translated versions of the games. 

The Bird and the Bean

A cute and simple game in which you control a bird with the touch screen, using your little bird-tongue to catch fruit as it falls from the sky.

Paper Aeroplane

If this game looks familiar, that's because it is -- it was included as an unlockable mini-game in Wario Ware. Now it's back with three new modes, including multiplayer that can be played using one DSi.

500 DSi Points

Art Style Aquario and Art Style Decode


Fans of Nintendo's "Art Style" and "bit generation" games will be happy to know that there are some all new games on the service. The series makes its DSi debut with Aquario, a brick-style puzzler, and Decode, a number puzzle game. 

Considering Nintendo has been slowly releasing the "Art Style" series of games in North America as well, it's likely we'll be seeing these on the service sometime next year. 

Dr. Mario


Yes, it's Mario and he's a doctor. Perhaps you've played this game before? You want this. 

Utsusu Made in Wario



Will Wario Ware-style mini-games ever get old? Apparently not. Utsusu Made in Wario has you imitating on-screen actions and taking a picture of yourself using the DSi camera. Sounds great for playing in public.

Trumps card collection


Based on Daredemo Asobi Taizen (Japanese Clubhouse Games, if you will), this is a simple card-based games collection. It features five games, all but one which can be up to eight people in multiplayer modes.

800 DSi Points

Brain Training: Arts and Brain Training: Science


The big daddies of the bunch, two versions of the popular Brain Training series will be released as well. You have the choice between developing your brain for both arts and science. Depending on whether you can't draw Yoshi or you still don't totally understand gravity, you'll know which one is for you.

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