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A comprehensive look back at San Diego Comic-Con

5:40 PM on 07.26.2010
A comprehensive look back at San Diego Comic-Con photo

Dale North was on assignment at this year's San Diego Comic-Con as our one-man army, while the rest of us were able to bring you coverage from the comfort of our homes. Major props to him for surviving the trip relatively unscathed.

It's easy to forget how much of an impact videogames have on the convention. Whether meaningfully related to comics -- or in many cases, totally not at all -- games had a big presence at the show, and we were able to talk about them. A lot. Here are the highlights:

SDCC: Two Street Fighter/Tekken Crossover games announced
SDCC: Hands-on with Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
SDCC: First look at James Bond 007: Blood Stone
SDCC: 'Hardcore violent' Suicide Squad game in the works
SDCC: Neil Patrick Harris is Activision's 'Amazing' Spider-Man
SDCC: Inafune teases big Mega Man announcement
SDCC: Halo: Reach themed Xbox 360 Slim announced
SDCC: Don't hate: Hard Corps Uprising is great
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition announced
SDCC: Hot and not-so-hot cosplay

But wait, there's more! Act now by continuing past the break, and we'll triple the number of Comic-Con stories at no extra charge! You don't even have to pay shipping.

The rest:

SDCC: Master Chief's story is going to continue
SDCC: Take a look at Square-Enix's Halo: Reach figures
SDCC: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions has more Spidey
SDCC: First video and screens of Street Fighter X Tekken
SDCC: Snoop Dogg, Salt N' Pepa tracks in Dance Central
SDCC: Six more Rock Band 3 on-disc tracks revealed
Two new characters joining Super Street Fighter IV arcade
SDCC: Seriously, GoldenEye on the DS
SDCC: You'll be PEW! PEW! PEWING! in Old Republic
SDCC: Rush'N Attack is coming back
SDCC: Check out ComiTron
SDCC: The ultimate Final Fantasy concert
SDCC: Dead Space getting graphic novel, animated feature
SDCC: NES retro insanity in Abobo's Big Adventure
SDCC: Thursday cosplay gallery
SDCC: Another look at Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
SDCC: Men will get hunted in upcoming Green Lantern game
SDCC: See Super Hero Squad Online in action
Forge 2.0 lets you customize everything in Halo: Reach
SDCC: LEGO Universe has a story, confirmed!
SDCC: Ubisoft, DC previewing Driver comic book this week
SDCC: Ratchet and Clank finally get their own comic book
SDCC: New Marvel Super Hero Squad game announced
SDCC: Fable III gets more than one screenshot
SDCC: Mark Hamill to voice Joker in DC Universe Online
SDCC: Rush n' Attack: Ex-Patriot screenshots
SDCC: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair screens
SDCC: Sega officially announces Thor: The Video Game
SDCC: Why am I here at Preview Night?
SDCC: 'Ultimate' revealed for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

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