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indie royale

Indie Royale photo
Indie Royale

Indie Royale's 'Thoughtful Bundle' has kicked off

Smarty-pants games
Mar 15
// Conrad Zimmerman
A new bundle is now available from Indie Royale. The "Thoughtful Bundle" consists of "clever" games, proving that it can get really difficult to come up with consistently good themes for bundle products over time. Which is n...
Indie Bundle photo
Indie Bundle

Indie Royale launches the 'Debut Bundle'

Grab six games, many making their first appearance on Windows PC
Mar 09
// Conrad Zimmerman
Indie Royale's latest collection of games has launched today, featuring six titles in the "Debut Bundle," so named for bringing Windows versions of four games and two which are the first commercial release for their studios....
The Mash Bundle photo
The Mash Bundle

Grab a mix of indie genres with 'The Mash Bundle'

Pay what you want for five indie games
Feb 28
// Joshua Derocher
Another bundle of games is available from the folks at Indie Royale, this time it's a collection different genres called The Mash Bundle. For as low as $4.99, you can get Stong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Guns of ...
PC game bundle photo
PC game bundle

New Indie Royale bundle was chosen by the fans

Hard Reset and DLC Quest included
Feb 21
// Alasdair Duncan
If you missed out on the Indie Royale St. Patrick's Day Bundle, then you've got a second chance at buying some quality games at a knockdown price. After a fan vote, the offer has been re-issued under the banner of The Chosen...
Indie Royale Bundle photo
Indie Royale Bundle

The Indie Royale Evolved Bundle is now live

Evolved bundle features five games
Feb 01
// Chris Carter
Itching for more indie PC games to devour? You might want to check out the Indie Royale Evolved Bundle. In this new collection, you'll net Unmechanical, The Path, Krater, Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory and OIO. Out of all t...
Snow Storm bundle photo
Snow Storm bundle

Brave the winter cold with the Snow Storm bundle

Six indie games plus soundtracks for a few bucks
Jan 16
// Alasdair Duncan
It's time again for another Indie Royale bundle to arrive, this time the Snow Storm bundle. It's your usual deal; six quality indie titles are yours for a minimal cost but you'll get some added extras for going over the recom...

Indie Royale Xmas Bundle 2.0 includes Offspring Fling

Our headline character limit thanks you for not using "Christmas"
Dec 19
// Jordan Devore
Indie Royale's Xmas Bundle 2.0 seems like another solid line-up of games you might not own already. For around five bucks, they're offering Colour Bind, Offspring Fling!, Serious Sam Double D, Serious Sam: The Random Encounte...

New Indie Royale bundle has SOL: Exodus and much more

Aug 13
// Jordan Devore
The Indie Royale folks have organized another game bundle that's caught my eye. The Gone Fishin' Bundle achieves a nice mix of genres by packing together SOL: Exodus, All Zombies Must Die!, Cubemen, Squids, Platformance: Cast...

July Jubilee Bundle has Oniken, Puzzle Agent, and more

Jul 24
// Jordan Devore
With such frequent sales, it's getting challenging for game makers to put together bundles that aren't almost entirely made up of titles we own already. (Not that I'm complaining!) The July Jubilee Bundle from the Indie Roya...

Summer Royale Bundle from Indie Royale is timely

Jun 30
// Alasdair Duncan
So whilst we all are thankful/resentful/creating conspiracy theories for the non-appearance of the Steam Summer Sale, the latest bundle from the Indie Royale team is a great way of spending some of your carefully saved cash. ...

Late Spring? Must be Indie Royale bundle time

Apr 18
// Alasdair Duncan
If there's a term that gamers are maybe getting a little worn out on, it's Kickstarter -- but "Indie Bundles" might be getting to that point too. This is the third Indie Royale bundle I've posted about this year and the Sprin...

April Fools Day PC bundle is late, still a good value

Apr 04
// Alasdair Duncan
Another month, another value-packed Indie Royale bundle. Actually, I'm kinda glad the next few months are holiday free as we're approaching a burnout point with bundle deals. That being said, there's still great value to be h...

Indie Royale bundles a selection of NinjaBee games

Mar 23
// Jordan Devore
Xbox Live Arcade sure has grown immensely. If you were into it shortly after the Xbox 360 launched, you'll likely recognize NinjaBee as a familiar face. Cloning Clyde and Outpost Kaloki were some of the first games I remember...

New Indie Royale bundle offers exclusive game

Jan 05
// Alasdair Duncan
The chaps over at Indie Royale just keep pumping out those PC/Mac bundles. Only a few weeks after their Xmas Bundle, they've now launched the New Year's Bundle for those of you whose wallets weren't gouged by the Steam sale o...

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