Wasteland 2 on Xbox One and PS4 is a pleasant surprise
Releasing this summer with improvements
2:30 PM on 03.04.2015

The Bard's Tale IV cometh
Kobolds be damned
8:00 PM on 01.24.2015

Review: Wasteland 2
This Kickstarted RPG delivers exactly what was expected
5:30 PM on 09.23.2014

Here's our first glimpse at the gameplay of Torment: Tides of Numenera
Looks like a classic PC RPG to me
5:00 PM on 09.18.2014

Wasteland 2 will be released on September 19
Just one month to go for the post-apocalyptic RPG
3:45 PM on 08.19.2014

Boo! Torment: Tides of Numenera now delayed futher into 2015
The success of Wasteland 2 is a big factor in the delay
8:00 PM on 06.16.2014

A regular playthough of Wasteland 2 will take about 50 hours
You won't see all the content on a single playthrough
7:30 PM on 04.14.2014

Wasteland 2 will be done 'when it's done'
inXile's long-awaited sequel is still in Early Access
2:00 PM on 02.22.2014

Wasteland 2 beta out for backers, coming to Steam soon
Go play it already!
9:30 AM on 12.12.2013

Torment fans vote for turn-based combat in Numenera
Combat will be like Wasteland 2's
12:30 PM on 12.09.2013

Tides of Numenera devs ask if fans want real-time combat
How do you want the combat?
1:30 PM on 11.22.2013

Wasteland 1 re-released on Steam and GOG.com
Wasteland 2 backers will get it for free
3:45 PM on 11.08.2013

Unique snowflakes: Wasteland 2 NPC consider player gender
And more: Wasteland 2 to waste no chance creating meaningful encounters
6:00 AM on 08.12.2013

inXile is bringing the original Wasteland to GOG, Steam
Free for backers of Wasteland 2
4:00 PM on 08.09.2013

Deep Silver to handle Wasteland 2 distribution for inXile
Parternship lets inXile concentrate on making the game
8:00 PM on 07.11.2013

It's official: Chris Avellone joins the Torment team
Colin McComb is now a very happy man
11:45 AM on 04.03.2013


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