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People are literally dying to play Hitman GO, out today for iOS devices
I used 'literally' correctly, people do die in the game
4:30 PM on 04.17.2014

Kero Blaster stars a frog businessman
From the developer of Cave Story!
12:00 PM on 04.15.2014

The next Age of Empires is for mobile
I'll pass
4:30 PM on 04.14.2014

RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile is exactly what we feared it would be
10:00 AM on 04.11.2014

Turn-based Hitman GO comes to iOS next week
Such a neat concept for a spinoff game
6:00 PM on 04.10.2014

Monument Valley looks a bit like Fez x Echochrome
Remember me
2:45 PM on 04.07.2014

There are eight days left to fund Dead Synchronicity
Here's a new teaser trailer to whet the appetite
8:00 PM on 04.03.2014

I'm sorry, but I have to tell you about one more Flappy Bird clone
Street Flapper is worth it for the laugh
12:00 AM on 04.03.2014

Play The Wolf Among Us: A Crooked Mile next week
Release dates for the third episode
3:45 PM on 04.02.2014

GTA V's iFruit app hits the PlayStation Vita
Chop chop
12:15 PM on 04.02.2014

Throw your own eyeballs around in Hellraid: The Escape
A survival/escape style game for iPhone and iPad
11:00 PM on 04.01.2014

Kero Blaster coming to PC and iPhone in May
Formerly known as Gero Blaster, presently known as awesome
9:30 PM on 03.31.2014

Activision closing down mobile studio The Blast Furnace
Creators of the Call of Duty: Strike Team mobile game
3:45 PM on 03.31.2014

Nightsky is free on iOS, ya dingus
Go get it
5:00 PM on 03.29.2014

The Perils of Man brings an adventure across time to iOS
LucasArts veteran Bill Tiller brings new adventure title to mobile
5:30 PM on 03.26.2014

Plants vs. Zombies 2's 'Far Future' update hits today
New characters on both sides
2:30 PM on 03.26.2014


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