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Buy & Sell games at Destructoid, win a 3DS (who won?)

Oct 04 // Niero Desu
Selling is easy Unlike eBay, selling doesn't take 30 steps and photography.  It works kind of like Netflix:  Buy or sell something and the pre-paid mailers (pictured above) do all the work.  Its almost too easy.  Try it!    Our prices may surprise you Dare to compare!  We're usually cheaper or the same price as the big guys.  Plus, when you buy a game on Dtoid you might be helping another community member buy their next game.  Try listing a game and see.   Nintendo 3DS Contest rules: 1)  You must either complete a purchase (buy something!) or list and complete a sale (sell something!) 2)  You must be in the United States (sorry, we're working on this. Caramba.) 3)  Winners will be selected by our partner at random and announced on our contest page and contacted over email with the address you have on file.  If you do not respond within 10 days the contest resets and you forfeit your prize.  You'd be surprised how often this happens.  Its amazing. Good luck!   Want our game deals in the mail?   Ok, we'll write some.  We promise to not bother you unless we have something dirt cheap going on, and we'll never share your contact information anyone.  In fact, we use a third-party service to manage and keep your email safe. [embed]199197:37966[/embed]   Let us know what you think in the comments below!   We'd love to know what you think of our shop.  Please send us your feedback, wishlist, and suggestions.      

[Update: Congratulations CH Josh of Audobon, NJ, you're the guy!  We'll start another contest soon.  What prize would you like to see next?  PS Vita?  Kindle Fire?  New tube socks? Sound off in the co...

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