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New purple trailer photo
New purple trailer

No Man's Sky also has purple, is still amazing

Not all men's sky
Dec 05
// Steven Hansen
No Man's Sky showed off a particularly purple planet in its Game Awards trailer. It's still exciting, walking amidst bioluminscent fauna and dinosaurs, getting into your ship and zipping off to another planet. Oh, and t...
PlayStation Experience photo
PlayStation Experience

The PlayStation Experience schedule is up

Show me some of that No Man's Sky
Dec 04
// Jordan Devore
When Sony announced PlayStation Experience, I didn't pay it any attention outside of a cursory glance, but in the weeks since, the Las Vegas event has shaped up nicely. It kicks off on Saturday, December 6 with a keynote at 1...
Misandry photo

No Man's Sky planning 'something different' at PlayStation Experience

See new worlds, new gameplay
Nov 19
// Steven Hansen
I've been excited for No Man's Sky for almost a years' time now, but it has become a passive excitement as I wait patiently for it to release. This video, what with some footage I haven't seen and it generally looking a...

Narcosis: Hallucinogenic, ocean floor terror

Nov 17 // Steven Hansen
You are an industrial diver working on the very bottom of the Pacific Ocean (the best ocean). Here there are shades of Dead Space, but without a gory and horrific surprise. An incident has left everyone else on the underwater rig tied up on account of them being killed, so you, on your lonesome, need to get topside.  Narcosis is mostly linear and narrative driven, but there's, "no conspiracy," writer David Chen explained. There is no dark mystery to unravel. More than the typical "survival horror" genre this is "survival," with some psychological horror woven in, most directly through narration as you are treated the to inner monologue of a man in serious trouble.  The psychology is also played with by harking back to the title, Narcosis, which is an actual condition that effects deep divers, causing audio visual hallucinations. It can also be brought on if your oxygen supply dwindles, the gauge of which you can look down within your dive suit to see on a physical HUD. This effect is doubly impressive while playing entombed in an Oculus Rift and head phones, as I did on the Game Connection Europe show floor, as you look down inside your cockpit at your oxygen levels, or look through the pane of glass that stands between you living still and being smooshed by immeasurable pressure. Chen calls it a "walking coffin." Your oxygen levels are important to your survival, and you will occasionally find canisters to replenish. Important to your oxygen levels is your rate of consumption. Under high stress situations, you consume oxygen more quickly. Disorientation leading to stress leading to decreased oxygen leading to more vivid hallucination could prove a vicious circle. Deep sea life--often exaggerated in size or ferocity--also cause problems. The only source of light beyond a flashlight is your flare gun, which doubles as a means to cause distractions for fish n' things what want to nibble at you. You also have a knife, but I only ever used it to prise a face-hugging nasty from my face. It clamping on out of nowhere scared the heck out of me, jump scare as it was.  What I played of Narcosis was a lot of deep sea walking, jetting over crevasses, and a bit of avoiding fish things. As you see in the trailer, there'll be bits taking place back within the flooded station, and you'll have some actual tasks to complete to get yourself topside. It's aiming for a fall 2015 Steam release. We'll see if the Oculus is out by then, because the two work real well together. Otherwise, I'm keen to explore the deep story Chen aims to deliver.
Preview: Narcosis photo
You a narc?!
I said it when I checked out Amnesia developer's SOMA early this year, but we could do with some more games set underwater. It's a scary place. There are goblin sharks down there, damn it. And you don't even have t...

Inside My Radio is a rad rhythm-platformer

Nov 16 // Steven Hansen
But boomboxes are a big, dead cultural artifact. Inside My Radio, one of the coolest projects I checked out at Game Connection Europe, puts you in the role of a lively LED inside of a dying boombox. Your goal is to bring back the funk (or, actually, the electro, dub, and disco).  Inside My Radio is structured similarly to underrated rhythm-platformer Sound Shapes, with a number of stages making up the track list in an album. Within the musical genres of electro, dub, and disco, there will be subgenres and styles represented, which will wind up with their own albums, so it won't be a three-tune affair.  Unlike Sound Shapes, though, the music here isn't just tonal, visual set-dressing. Here, your main movements--jump, dash, slam--have to be synchronized with the backing beat, or nothing registers. A bit closer to Crypt of the Necrodancer, perhaps, but with a more consistent rhythm rather than a tile based affair. Should you slip up and lose the beat, prompting a complete meltdown, as is often the case in rhythm games, a button press brings up a metronome-like visual indicator around the LED chap that you can follow to get back on track.  Aside from rhythm-based precision platforming, there are a few puzzle sort of things to deal with, as well as the ability to slightly alter the style of track within the level you're playing, depending on which bit you prefer. The dubworld even has a giant mixing board you can manually adjust for the sound you want.  The music I've heard is good, the visual style is lovely in its colorful lighting and sharp angles (the cutscenes, too, which look a little different). I'm excited to check out more Inside My Radio, headphones on, soon. PC and "consoles" are currently confirmed, though it may be a tip that the studio's last, very different game came to PS3 and Vita alongside PC. 
Inside My Radio photo
Get in my radio (an Austin Powers joke)
There are things to consider when it comes to playing music in public. Are you in an open space, perhaps a park, with enough distance between you and others so that your tunes don't dance on over into unwilling ears? Are you...

PAX East photo
PAX East

Heads up! PAX East badges are on sale right now

If you're too late, just stare at this picture for a while
Nov 12
// Jordan Devore
Passes for PAX East are on sale! Get in here while you still can. The show takes place at the Boston Convention Center the weekend of Friday, March 6, 2015. Tickets are $45 for a single-day badge and $95 for a three-day badge. Scalpers be damned. I've never made it out to Boston, but I'd like to go, one day. The weather that time of year, though!
Game Night USC photo
Game Night USC

LA Dtoiders, join us for another Game Night!

Featuring Aegis Defenders, Anamnesis, Walden, and more
Nov 07
// AngryBananas
Destructoid is excited to once again be partnering with Angry Bananas, Giant Robot, and Meat Bun to host another Game Night! What: Game Night USCWhen: Saturday, November 8, from 6:30pm to 10pmWhere: Giant Robot 2, 2062 Sawtel...
Photo gallery photo
Photo gallery

Paris Games Week: Trash strewn floors, candy smells and games

In pictures
Nov 04
// Steven Hansen
Paris Games Week has finished happening. It happened across the street from Games Connection, where I was busying myself with loads of smaller folks' games, so naturally I visited. I played The Order, which a lot of folks are...
Cool games photo
Cool games

Izle leads Game Connection Development Award winners

In the company of Limbo, Loading Human and other past winners
Oct 31
// Steven Hansen
Game Connection Europe held its annual Development Awards this week in Paris, with Area Effect's Izle leading the way with five wins. Each of the ten categories feature two possible awards, the European Games Booster Award an...
Gamer's Rhapsody photo
Gamer's Rhapsody

Gamer's Rhapsody will gather music and games on November 15-16

Minnesota in the middle of November? Cool
Oct 29
// Darren Nakamura
I have previously expressed that we, the Destructoid community, need to find a new meetup to replace PAX, since PAX is too big to handle now. Maybe Gamer's Rhapsody can be a contender. Probably not for this year, but maybe in...

Whoa! Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is pretty fun

Oct 29 // Steven Hansen
[embed]283148:56145:0[/embed] I had Ace as the default party leader, as in the TGS demo, but now the scythe-wielding Sice and dual-cartoon-Luger-wielding King were up to test out. Okay, but maybe some of you are as out of the loop as I was. You have a party of three characters and can switch between any of them at any time. This will probably be necessary given their variance (if these three were any indication) and lax-seeming AI that makes them less effective than when you're using them. And this is an action game, blurring the "ATB" line more than Crisis Core. Each face button is an action, Ace is basically gambit. His default attack to spam throws cards at enemies to damage them. He also has a Nightcrawler-ish disappear move where many others have a straight dodge or roll, a powerful, in-his-vicinity ice blast, and he can load up cards so his card attacks do things like explode. You can change abilities, of course. There's customization and development to go along with party plays, choosing choosing leaders. King with the pistols proved a power house and his range is useful. First, because the levels, clunky in design as they are, try not to be too open arenas. The mech and soldier filled area I played through, anyway, This probably stems from it being a PSP game. The stretched, blade textures and geometry, too. (And the load times between areas)  Still, it's not bad, save for when you exploit the enemy AI and stick yourself behind somewhere you can't be touched and take pot shots. But really, there's just a fun energy around Type-0, whether or not that "mature" plot of teens fighting war comes to anything (I couldn't understand it, what with the French). The camera is hyper sensitive, sometimes confoundedly so. This can probably be adjusted, but I found it endearing. Movement and attacks are firm, grounded, like in lead boots. And if the action doesn't do it for you, what other contemporary Final Fantasy is going to let you walk around the world map on a chocobo or cruise in an airship?
Preview: Type-0 HD photo
Hands-on at Paris Games Week and also a new trailer
Look, you can't blame me for turning a blind eye to Final Fantasy Type-0. Why hurt and labor and want over something you can't have? At least not a videogame, of which there are alternates and substitutes plenty. Elliot Gay k...

I still haven't beaten that Bloodborne TGS demo

Oct 28 // Steven Hansen
[embed]283147:56144:0[/embed] Tokyo is weird. Paris is weird, too. There are trampolines and a skate park indoors in this gaming expo hall, and also a place where you throw bread into holes. But Tokyo's weirdness manifests itself as a packed TGS wherein you get to play 10, 15 minutes of a game before handing off the controller. This is why I didn't beat the Bloodborne demo at TGS, I maintained. I went with the agile, dual bladed loadout and retraced my steps, sweeping wide around abandoned carriages with straw-haired, cleaver-wielding assholes lying in wait behind. I wasn't as rusty, this time, and I was hurrying up the ladder to a terrifying scream. I was killing without coming close to being hit. Down the cobblestone steps, around the corner, bam. Three enemies clumped up. With an agile character, I dash stepped around blows, rather than rolling. Still, with three free swingers, I took my licks. I lived, though.  Down to the mechanical contraption that kept the gate shut. I pulled the lever. The gate opens, now, and it stuttered a little bit, sweeping away a previously cast aside deadman whose corpse messied its arc. That's it, though? I peeked down an alleyway and a lumbering, round, round round dark-caped mass stood hunched, not facing me. Let the good times roll. Alas, they did not. I did. I rolled the heck out of dodge. The big galoot took 60% of my health away in a swing while my stabs and slices barely seemed to be chipping the paint off his health bar's walls. So I ran, happy he did not follow, back up a gentle incline, past the three I had previously dealt with, health restored with the coolest potion animation. I am not sure how many enemies I came upon huddled around a giant pyre in the street. It was like the Village scene in Resident Evil 4 and I without a gun, no chance of being saved by the bell. I fight sneaky so I thought sneaky. Let me draw them out, down to where the big, round monster waits. Maybe he'll kill them. Why not try? Well, because in backing away I backed myself up against a carriage, could not roll away, and the blows of many a disfigured and horrific slicing and stabbing implements came down upon me like my own personal rain. I tried again with the more standard blade and blunderbuss outfit, but a wild button press, in a similar situation unequipped me and had me punching at blades. Maybe I'll try the giant fucking hammer tomorrow.
Bloodborne PGW photo
We meet again, I'm dead meat again
Usually seeing a demo you played just a month ago means there isn't too much more to wring out. This is not the case with Bloodborne. The Tokyo Game Show demo bested me. That same demo was playable today at Paris Games Week. ...

The Order: 1886 sure is, uh, cinematic

Oct 28 // Steven Hansen
[embed]279471:55243:0[/embed] There's also a strange bit of inaction in the room when cutscenes finally end and you're asked to find a way out. I was drawn first to a paper at the bar, which had a numbered map, and, if you press to flip to the backside, names, some of them crossed out. It didn't prompt anything, like a quest, or a cutscene. Context-less, maybe it's just a piece of environmental story-telling referring to early events. Maybe it's a clue, though, an important piece of info that an interactive, attentive player can use somewhere down the line. That'd be nice, at least. Then I walked around the small room, over the dead body, several times trying to figure out how to get out before a button prompt started a cutscene wherein we thermite burn through a giant metal stove or something that was (kind of) blocking the door (but probably could've just been moved by four people?). Maybe something this cinematic and story-driven just needs is to be played in full. And only once. Maybe vertical slices aren't helpful. I liked the weapon you're given. It shoots out clouds of thermite which you then fire flares at to ignite. It was fun to watch the fire come to life in an instant and spread, though never out of control, because this is a tailored experience. Sometimes judging the distance of these clouds was tough, though it didn't matter. I don't know if the cover-based shooting gallery was easy because it's a public demo meant for people to have a good time with or because it is typical and easy, serving to get you to the next set piece. Quickly I changed my tactics and fired flare first, then thermite cloud. I tried to brain people with flares and then ignite their friends. Towards the end of the short demo I gave up on the shooting gallery, left cover, and just danced circles in the courtyard spitting fire indeterminately. That isn't what the game wants, no doubt, but I still didn't come close to dying, and it was a bit more amusing.
The Order: 1886 photo
Not saying we should 86 this order, but, hoping there's more to it
I finally played The Order: 1886, Ready at Dawn's upcoming PS4, monster-filled, alternate-London-history third-person shooter here at Paris Games Week. I still really want to like it. I like a lot of things about it. Well, ma...

The Dream of the 70s-90s is alive in Portland
If you live in the Pacific Northwest, perhaps you attended the fifth annual Portland Retro Gaming Expo which took place the weekend before last. If you didn't, well -- here's a lovely pile of photos that the talented Geoffrey...

Ticket on sale tomorrow photo
Ticket on sale tomorrow

Tickets for PlayStation's Vegas community event on sale tomorrow

Are you PlayStation Experienced?
Oct 23
// Steven Hansen
Sony recently announced the two day "PlayStation Experience" fan event. Tickets to the December 6-7 Las Vegas event are going on sale tomorrow.  There's going to be hands-on time for upcoming games, some brand new annou...

Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft composers join up for a concert

Coming to Naka-Kon in Overland Park, Kansas
Oct 16
// Dale North
Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu and World of Warcraft composer Jason Hayes are teaming up with their respective bands, The Earthbound Papas and Critical Hit, to perform live at Naka-Kon in Overland Park, Kansas this Nove...

PlayStation Experience Event takes place in December in Las Vegas

You're invited
Oct 10
// Dale North
The very first PlayStation Experience will take place in Las Vegas on December 6 and 7. This is a community event that Sony says that they've been planning for awhile. A community event! Not some stuffy press event! Yes. It w...

Nindies at IndieCade. Wait, Nindies? I love you, Nintendo

New Nintendo indies to be shown at IndieCade
Oct 08
// Dale North
The list of new Nintendo independent games to be shown at IndieCade that we received this morning? Great. Great news. But I'm more hung up on the title of the press email that Nintendo sent out: Nintendo Showcases Prolific &...

Katamari Damacy composers confirmed for MAGFest 13

Lonely Rolling Staaaar
Oct 02
// Dale North
MAGFest, the Music and Games Festival, is going into its thirteenth year, and to celebrate they have some big musical guests lined up. Katamari Damacy composers Yuu Miyake and Yoshihito Yano will be...rolling into town t...
EGX London photo
EGX London

Join Destructoid at EGX London!

brap brap
Sep 26
// Beccy Caine
Alright, guv'nor? EGX London starts this Thursday and Dtoid Europe wants you to join us. In keeping with recent years, the convention is going to be held at Earl's Court One and hopefully you have your tickets already because it's all but sold out. Don't worry if that's the case, though; there's plenty organised throughout the weekend to keep you occupied.
Total War photo
Total War

Creative Assembly will unveil the next Total War this month

Is it that time already?
Sep 09
// Jordan Devore
Later this month at EGX London (formerly Eurogamer Expo), Total War studio Creative Assembly will "reveal" the next installment in its popular strategy franchise. The announcement will be a part of a developer session schedul...
Dragon Con cosplay photo
Dragon Con cosplay

Here's our Dragon Con 2014 cosplay gallery

Those shades
Sep 06
// Jordan Devore
I doubt I'll ever attend Dragon Con, what with my inability to be in two places at once and PAX falling on the same weekend, but the cosplay photos and videos are always a treat. We were on the scene for another photo round-up. My favorites are Elsa with a lightsaber, the Bob's Burgers family, Dale & Tucker vs. Evil, blue Link, disco-ball Samus, and of course Groot.
Game Night 23 photo
Game Night 23

Los Angeles area Dtoiders, join us for another Game Night!

Featuring Adventures of Pip
Sep 05
// AngryBananas
In conjunction with Angry Bananas, Meat Bun, and GiantRobot, Destructoid is proud to host Game Night 23! This episode of Game Night will feature Tic Toc Games' Adventures of Pip. Game Night 22: Adventures of PipSaturday, Sept...
PAX Prime 2014 Photos photo
PAX Prime 2014 Photos

PAX Prime 2014: Robots and cosplayers and Dtoiders

Sep 05
// mrandydixon
There it is, ladies and gentlemen: your PAX Prime 2014 Dtoid group photo! It wasn't as big of a showing this year -- thanks a lot, PAX-tickets-that-sell-out-in-42-seconds -- but it sure was a pretty one. I know I say this eve...

gamescom gaining on E3 for PR impact

Whatever the hell that is
Sep 02
// Dale North
We don't attend videogame trade shows for their "PR impact," but it is interesting to hear that gamescom is gaining on E3 as far as that measurement is concerned. Analytics company ICO Partners says that the European event is...
Max at PAX photo
Max at PAX

You aren't at PAX? Let Max Scoville give you the tour

'This is so stupid!'
Aug 31
// Darren Nakamura
PAX Prime 2014 is winding down, but that doesn't mean those of us at home can't pretend like we are there, stalking Max Scoville as he roams the show floor. I was going to give a detailed play-by-play of the video here, but ...

Destructoid's PAX Prime 2014 panel: Video Games Are Stupid

'The Inherent Silliness of the Medium'
Aug 31
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
The PAX Prime 2014 panel schedule is live! This year for Prime we're going to host a panel that's more focused on the videogame industry as a whole instead of just talking about us and whatever is going on with the site. So j...
Dtoid at PAX Prime photo
Dtoid at PAX Prime

Dtoid's community meetup plans for PAX Prime 2014!

Bookmark this page for guaranteed fun!
Aug 29
// mrandydixon
[Update: Our big party is tonight! Hope to see you there!] PAX Prime 2014 is happening right now! We're armed to the teeth with meetups scheduled for Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday, a badass party we're co-hosting with ...
PAX PARTY! photo
Win a part in Hitman: Sniper and eat poutine!
Destructoid is teaming up with Square Enix Montréal and Unity to throw a Hitman: Sniper PAX Prime 2014 party!  You'll have a chance to play Hitman: Sniper before its release and compete in a high score contest whe...

PAX photo

The Costume Quest 2 PAX Collector's Challenge sounds fun

It wouldn't be PAX without buttons
Aug 26
// Jordan Devore
Midnight City is hosting a Costume Quest 2 'Trick or Treat' Collector's Challenge at PAX Prime later this week and it's going to be worth setting some time aside for if you're looking to score swag. Essentially, you'll need t...

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