Luigi and his death stare takes on the cosplayers of Anime Expo 2014
Green shells for everyone!
6:00 PM on 07.08.2014

Everyone dressed as their favorite computer game & cartoon book characters for Heroes Con
Why does Spawn have a gun?
2:30 PM on 07.07.2014

Colossalcon is a cosplay convention that takes place at a waterpark!
Animals, arcade, waterpark, oh my!
6:00 PM on 06.17.2014

All the wonderful cosplay from MCM London Comic Con 2014
Two videos!
1:00 PM on 06.07.2014

Deadpool does Fanime, and wins
He does it so hard, and almost gets done harder
1:00 PM on 05.31.2014

9 minutes of the cosplay from MomoCon 2014
Bird Jesus!
3:00 AM on 05.30.2014

Can you dig this sexy Dugtrio?
Yeah, you can
3:45 PM on 05.28.2014

It's the best cosplay from Katsucon 2014
6:00 PM on 02.21.2014

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls fan art contest is on now
$9,000 in prizes, trip to Blizzard HQ
12:00 PM on 02.17.2014

The Metal Gear series brings out the best in cosplay
Look at my horse, my horse is amazing
5:00 PM on 02.16.2014

Loads of Comiket 85 cosplay galleries
Because there's nothing else going on today
11:30 AM on 12.30.2013

BlizzCon's 2013 Cosplay is in as fine a form as ever
A year later, a year better
1:45 PM on 11.12.2013

Hideo Kojima asked for it and he has received
There's nothing 'Quiet' about this MGS V cosplay
1:00 PM on 11.10.2013

Well this cosplay just won BlizzCon
Yeah that happened
9:00 PM on 11.08.2013

A cosplay montage video unlike any other
Will time-lapse be the new fad?
2:00 AM on 11.08.2013

This Last of Us cosplay is making me feel funny
Anything goes when it's the end of the world
3:00 AM on 11.07.2013


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