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Zone of the Enders

Konami photo

Konami is asking what games we'd like to see come back

Seems like it forgot two key IPs...
Aug 21
// Joe Parlock
Everyone’s favourite publisher Konami has released a “heritage game survey”, asking players about some of its IPs (as seen in the image below) and how they feel about them. Importantly, it's asking what we&r...
Zone of the Enders photo
Zone of the Enders

The new Zone of the Enders game is on hold

I think I heard a piece of my childhood cry
May 03
// Chris Carter
Bad news everyone -- due to the recent Zone of the Enders HD patch, it seems as if all production on the next Zone of the Enders game has halted, as the entire team has been dismantled as he "re-evaluates" the franchise -- wh...
Kojima photo

Zone of the Enders HD frame rate patch coming to PS3

Only announced for Japan, at the moment
May 02
// Allistair Pinsof
Not all platform releases are born equal. PlayStation 3 owners got the short end of the stick with the release of Zone of the Enders HD Collection. While the game played favorably on Xbox 360, the game's frame rate took a ser...

Note Worthy 010: Black Ops II, Final Fantasy, Mega Man

Dec 18 // Jayson Napolitano
Bar Oasis Official BootlegRelease Date: September 2012Price: FreeAvailability: Bar Oasis Facebook Fan Page (promotion over)Artist(s): Nauts We covered Bar Oasis 2 in Note Worthy 005. It offered some great pop, jazz, and electronic music from Korean composer Nauts for the bartending/relationship simulation title Bar Oasis. We loved the music and recently caught wind of the Bar Oasis Official Bootleg being offered to fans who interact on the Bar Oasis fan page on Facebook. The album contains ten tracks, with seven alternate mixes coming from Bar Oasis 1 and 2, and three new remixes for this release. The seven remasters take the best of the first two soundtracks and add some reverb, making them much more wide and open. There's also a "bar version" of the lovely vocal theme from Bar Oasis 2 that sounds like it was recorded live in a bar. The three new remixes start with "Brazilian (Alt Ver. Feat.SPIKE)," featuring some great acoustic guitar work as opposed to the original's more electronic sound. The melancholy "Fill in This Black" from the original Bar Oasis gets a more upbeat take in "Fill in This Black (Delinquent REMIX Feat.EQP)," giving it some snappy percussion and a nice swing. Finally, "To the Oasis" is a beautiful solo piano recording combining the vocal theme, "OASIS," with the main title theme. This is more great stuff from Korean composer Nauts, although the promotion to obtain the release has ended. We'll keep an ear out for where to find it again, but in the meantime, enjoy a streaming sample of "To the Oasis" that we've been able to host. [embed]240764:46117:0[/embed] Call of Duty: Black Ops II SoundtrackRelease Date: November 13, 2012Price: $11.99Availability: iTunesArtist(s): Jack Wall, various others I've never played a Call of Duty game, but I am glad I got to see my brother-in-law play some Black Ops II over the Thanksgiving break. Even without seeing the gameplay, Jack Wall's cool electronic, orchestral, and ethnic world music fusion would have been amazing, but in the context of all the cool futuristic gear and varied locales of the game, the soundtrack is even better. The digital album features 49 tracks that come close to the 150-minute mark. There's a lot of music to enjoy, including everything from tense combat and cool espionage cues to more ambient exploration themes. It's all great, and what I love most is that you'll be listening to something out of the African desert at one moment then from the deep jungle during the next. It makes for a varied and entertaining listening experience even without playing the game. I love the moody main theme, "Theme from Call of Duty Black Ops II," which is actually composed by Trent Reznor. Before you balk, there are no cheesy vocals, which was a wise decision -- it's perfect. "DeFalco's Theme" is easily my favorite with its flanged synths and guitar, creating a dark and ominous atmosphere, and the desert-themed "Farid" gets some serious badassness going with its hip percussion paired with ethnic guitar playing. You even get some Mozart in here which will hopefully introduce the kiddies out there to REAL music. In all, this has to be my favorite Jack Wall score to date. It's fantastic, and you need to check it out whether you play the game or not. [embed]240764:46121:0[/embed] CODE OF PRINCESS SOUND & VISUAL BOOKRelease Date: October 9, 2012Price: Not for SaleAvailability: Pre-order bonusArtist(s): ACE Code of Princess had me really excited at E3 2012, making my list for top soundtracks from the event. With music composed b ACE, a two-member group that worked extensively on the Xenoblade soundtrack, I had some high expectations. This eight-track sampler comes with pre-order versions of the game along with accompanying artwork. After a bombastic and triumphant main theme, the album visits a number of character themes including the upbeat and vibrant "Holy Princess (Solange's Theme)" and the stereotypical desert-tinged "There's Nothing I Can't Steal (Ali's Theme)," which is actually quite good and sounds like something out of Wild Arms. The beautiful yet unsettling "Queen Distiny (Distiny's Theme)," which makes use of bell tones and choir, and the sleek Asian-flavored "Shooting Star Tsukikage (Tsukikage's Theme)" round out the character theme selections. From there, we get the playful and catchy "Band of Thieves" with a fun trumpet melody, the soothing "Calm Day," and the rockin' battle theme, "Turn It Up!" The selections here are great, although hardcore fans will want to seek out the full two-disc soundtrack release from Japan. It's unfortunately sold out and out of print as far as I can tell, so this sampler may be the best option if you can still find one given the pre-order period is over. [embed]240764:46119:0[/embed] COZMO ~ZUNTATA 25th Anniversary~ [Limited Edition]Release Date: October 31, 2012Price: 5,040 Yen ($61)Availability: CD JapanArtist(s): ZUNTATA ZUNTATA may not be a household name, but it really should be. Alongside the important internal sound teams of the day, including Falcom's JDK Band and Konami's Kukeiha Club, Taito's ZUNTATA group got its start over 25 years ago, responsible for titles in the Ray, Darius, BUST-A-MOVE, and Space Invaders franchises, among many others. This album celebrates 25 years of history with a special collection of music (two discs for the regular edition, four for the limited edition). The first disc features 12 original tracks composed by ZUNTATA members past and present with the theme "Cosmos" in mind. This is, of course, right up the alley of many of these composers, as Taito has been heavy on the shmup genre. I love the silly spoken intro and smooth electronic elements in "Candy Bomb" by Ray series composer TAMAYO, as well as the abstract "World collapse" by Darius Burst's Shohei Tsuchiya. The second disc acts as a "best of" collection, which is great for the uninitiated as it introduces the listener to the diverse offerings ZUNTATA has made over the years. There are too many cool tracks to mention individually, but I do have a soft spot for the track from Raystorm, "Intolerance," as it is really one of the coolest boss themes ever. The third disc, exclusive to the limited edition, contains rare, remixed, and unreleased tracks. There are tons of great material from Dariusburst, some cool Japanese-flavored material from The Legend of Kage, some rock from Pierrot World, and a lost ten-minute remix from the Raystorm Nue Tanz Mix album, which is really a cool treat given my love for that game in particular. The fourth disc features live talk with ZUNTATA composers in Japanese from a recent USTREAM event. And there you have it. The bonus discs are worth the small bump in price, and long-time ZUNTATA fans will certainly want to jump on this along with those who want to learn more about ZUNTATA's history. The packaging is quite nice with tons of commentary from the composers (again, in Japanese). [embed]240764:46122:0[/embed] FINAL FANTASY TRIBUTE ~ THANKS ~Release Date: December 5, 2012Price: 2,857 Yen ($34)Availability: CD JapanArtist(s): Various Artists We posted about this two-disc collection of Final Fantasy arrangements some time ago, and now it's finally here. This album falls into the middling SQ remix album series; in fact, four of the tracks here are actually from previous SQ album, which is somewhat of a bummer. The album sports tons of medleys covering everything from the original Final Fantasy through XIII. For the most part I remained unimpressed, especially with the grating bagpipes in one track, the minimalist whistle arrangement of "Battle on the Big Bridge," and the lisp-y version of "Melodies of Life" that would have otherwise been a beautiful track. While these are annoying, others are simply unremarkable, including an arrangement of my favorite track from Final Fantasy VII, "Lifestream" (although the artist gets major kudos for picking this track). As for what they've done right, there are some great Celtic arrangements to be heard, including a lovely version of the town theme from Final Fantasy III along with a rockin' take on "Crystal Tower" and a dubstep "Forbidden Land." The dance-infused versions of "A Fleeting Dream" and "At Zanarkand" from Final Fantasy X are also nice, as are a grungy medley of battle themes from across the series and a trippy "Man with the Machine Gun" that transitions into a cool space funk version of the battle theme from Final Fantasy VII. My favorites are a dreamy medley of town themes from Final Fantasy I-III, a laid-back and moody rock medley from Final Fantasy VI, and a swingin' piano and guitar track from the original Final Fantasy, all which are amazing. The album sports some great artwork, including sprite versions of more modern Final Fantasy characters, and first press editions come with a nice plastic sleeve. CD Japan is also offering fans the option to purchase the disc along with the customer bonus disc found exclusively at Village/Vanguard stores in Japan, although it will set you back $60 total. Overall, this is a somewhat hit-or-miss collection of tracks, not unlike past SQ albums. [Sound Samples] [embed]240764:46123:0[/embed] Initium SquaredRelease Date: September 17, 2012Price: $5Availability: BandcampArtist(s): Alexander Brandon This is an interesting release. I've been a big fan of Alexander Brandon since his days in the demoscene, where he was known as Siren, quickly becoming one of the most popular artists at a very young age. Since then, he's found his way into games, having works on titles including Unreal and Deus Ex, as well as delving into sound design and voice recording. Initium Squared is actually an interactive audio demo from his sound studio, Funky Rustic. As you explore the pretty-looking fantasy world, you hear Brandon's music, sound design, and vocal work on display. The soundtrack is being sold separately on Bandcamp, and it encompasses a lot of different styles, as you'd expect from a demo. You have bumpin' electronic with a tinge of dubstep in "Kusanagi's Parkour," which keeps the wub wub at a minimum and is actually quite tasteful, while cinematic orchestral is explored in "Dragon Chase," gritty rock in "Filled with Fire," ambient electronic/fantasy fusion in "Palatial Caverns," and cool and contemplative in "Resolution Part 1." My two favorites, however, are the acoustic guitar-laden "Is Nothing Sacred" with its desperate melody and the scintillating "Citadel Undulation" which features a blaring synth melody. All of this is great, although short at 15 minutes in total. But if you're a fan of Alexander Brandon and want a taste of just a few of the styles he's capable of, check it out. Check out the interactive demo as well -- it looks beautiful. Jet Set Radio Original SoundtrackRelease Date: September 18, 2012Price: $15.64Availability: Sumthing Else Music WorksArtist(s): Hideki Naganuma, Richard Jacques, Toronto Jet Set Radio is a much-beloved game that maybe hasn't aged so well. Still, the funky hip hop beats and chopped-up vocal snippets still make for a unique and fun listening experience. This album combines tracks form the original Jet Set Radio as well as Jet Set Radio Future to celebrate the recent digital release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The bad part is that neither soundtrack is presented in its entirety, making this more of a "best of" compilation of sorts. It all begins with the irreverent and playful "Let Mom Sleep," working in a series of sound effects and a British woman saying, "Would you stop playing with that radio of yours? I'm trying to get to sleep." It's quirky but strangely memorable. The super smooth "Sweet Soul Brother" is one of my favorites, while the bouncy "Rock It On" introduces CURSE WORDS. The ominous electro-choral track, "Grace and Glory" stands out for its weirdness, as do the digitized vocals in "Teknopathetic." The disco "Sneakman" is another favorite, and British composer Richard Jacques even gets in on the action with "Everybody Jump Around," that fits right in with Hideki Naganuma's work. In all, this is a great album for the uninitiated and for those who are having trouble tracking down the individual Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future albums released in the early 2000s. Re:Birth II / Romancing SaGa Battle ArrangeRelease Date: August 29, 2012Price: 3,000 Yen ($36)Availability: CD JapanArtist(s): Kenji Ito How many times can I listen to this album before writing about it? This is what I thought to myself on the fifth listen-through. As the title suggests, this album takes battle themes from the Romancing SaGa franchise and gives them the live rock treatment. The problem is that most of these games were never released in the United States, so I never had the chance to take them in one by one. As a collection, they come off as a bunch of cool rock arrangements of tracks that were already cool and rock in style to begin with. With this live performance upgrade, you'll probably like the album if you liked the original source material. There are good moments found across the album, including the playful "Magical Tank Battle," the dirty jazz "Occult Castle Battle," and the epic "Four Demon Nobles Battle Medley" from Romancing SaGa 3, as well as the desperate "Believing My Justice" and "Decisive Battle! Saruin" from Minstrel Song. The contemplative closer, "Seven Heroes Battle," is also a nice touch. But the problem remains that among the great guitar solos and great technical rock, I haven't really walked away with anything from this album in terms of a memorable melody, even after repeat listens. Still, Romancing SaGa fans will definitely want this. Just because I never latched on to the Romancing SaGa series doesn't mean there aren't fans out there who haven't. This album is for them. [Sound Samples] ROCKMAN EXE TRANSMISSION SOUND TRACKRelease Date: November 2, 2012Price: 2,625 Yen ($32)Availability: CD JapanArtist(s): Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso, Yousuke Yasui[Update: CD Japan has since started stocking this item as a regular item, and no longer requires the 2,000 Yen special order fee. Thanks for pointing this out, Don!]  This is really awesome. Rockman EXE Transmission (Network Transmission outside of Japan) never received a proper soundtrack release, which was a huge shame given the amazing talent behind its soundtrack. Fortunately, SuperSweep has come to the rescue with this album at long last, and it will blow your mind. SuperSweep is the master at electronic music, and they don't disappoint here. But don't believe for a moment that the rock-oriented stuff you've come to love from Mega Man isn't here either. There's a nice blend of rock, electronic, and pop to enjoy, all of which are wonderfully composed. I would say that there are times that it feels like you're listening the a shmup soundtrack (SuperSweep is famous for this style), but it's so good that you probably won't mind. To zip through a few of my favorites, the juicy synth pop "Peaceful Event," the super upbeat and futuristic "Densan Area," and the playful space adventure "Waterworks Cyberspace" should all catch your attention. The real highlights, however, are the rockin' "Internet on Fire" with amazing guitar shredding and an instantly catchy melody, the heavy and foreboding "Zero Account" with its pressurizing bassline, and my absolute favorite, "Zero Gravity Area." The latter brings a funky edge to Mega Man that I never knew he needed, working in dreamy synth lines, snappy percussion, killer sweeps, and a melody that's been stuck in my head for over a week. Unfortunately, the album's only available through SuperSweep's store, but CD Japan is doing a special order because they know this will be a popular item. The cost of that service, however, is 2,000 Yen on top of the item price, so it's quite hefty but worth it for true fans. [Hear "Zero Gravity Zone" in Sound Card 011] ZONE OF THE ENDERS ReMIX SELECTIONRelease Date: October 30, 2012Price: Not for SaleAvailability: Limited Edition bonusArtist(s): Various Artists So this is complicated. To celebrate the Zone of the Enders HD Collection release, Konami put together a remix album containing 13 songs, which was sold separately. Then they packed in a disc with the LE version of the game containing exclusive arrangements not found on the remix album. The North American version, however, received a different pack-in containing eight of the 13 remixes from the standalone album. Confused yet? I've been playing through some Zone of the Enders now that the HD Collection is out. I can't say the music is overly memorable, but it certainly is great for setting up the futuristic world of the game. Therefore, the remixes here are fairly mood-setting more than anything else. This is stuff for the dance floor with a few exceptions. Fans will appreciate the Gradius boss theme cameo in "Leo! Leo! (Smooth Remix)," the great melodic moments in "Compression Space (Evocation Mix)," and the tumultuous "Chaotic Fight (Firework DJs Remix)." My favorite, however, is the trance remix of the vocal theme, "Beyond the Bounds (Eshericks Remix)." There's a nice blend of strings and electronic elements along with exotic female vocals and warm English vocals. Maybe some will think it's cheesy, but I think it's the highlight of the disc. So check out the HD Collection, and if you want an awesome package, pick up the LE and get this soundtrack disc along with other goodies. The box itself is quite impressive as well.
Latest Soundtracks photo
Soundtracks you should be listening to!
We're back with another round of Note Worthy! Featured are a number of releases that we've talked about in the past, including the Bar Oasis Official Bootleg, Code of Princess, Final Fantasy Tribute -Thanks-, and Rockman...

Review: Zone of the Enders HD Collection

Nov 24 // Brett Zeidler
Zone of the Enders HD Collection (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 [reviewed])Developer: Kojima Productions, High Voltage Software Publisher: KonamiRelease: October 30, 2012MSRP: $39.99 If you're intimately familiar with these games after playing them countless times on your PlayStation 2, yes, these are the exact same games you remember. They stay true to the originals by keeping the exact same content, but upgrading the textures, smoothing out the jaggies, and expanding the aspect ratio to widescreen. These are the games you know and love, looking more beautiful than ever before. Read on for more technical details. The first Zone of the Enders was developed concurrently alongside Metal Gear Solid 2. Even back in 2001, it was clear which was neglected in design and budget. The story was a mess and, frankly, wasn't interesting at all (voice acting was equally painful to listen to). It follows Leo as a group of his friends are killed, and he happens upon Jehuty (your Orbital Frame from here on out) and its AI A.D.A., where they go on adventure not unlike Zelda where you must find particular upgrades so the ship can leave the Jupiter colony installation in one piece. The climax never really comes to a satisfying resolution, and the player can never really feel bothered to care for the characters. It was the gameplay and the visuals that kept players invested. I can even recall a time when I thought it was the best-looking game I ever saw up to that point. Combat was quick, sleek, and made the player feel like a badass. Even though the player never meets any new enemies, and the camera can prove to be a problem occasionally, fighting always felt right. There is nothing quite as satisfying as pulling out insane combos with your sword, backing off to fire a few shots, boosting to the side to launch some rockets, and finishing it all off with a final strike. All in beautiful HD now, to boot. No other game (that I know of) to this day plays like Zone of the Enders. It holds up remarkably well, save for the awful story and voice acting. The game's aesthetic looks better than it ever has -- colors just pop with the increased resolution. Only the game's cinematics were not able to receive the HD treatment. But really, there isn't much reason to watch them anyway. Flash forward ahead to 2003, and Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner took everything that was said about the first Z.O.E. above, but multiplied it by ten. Even the PS2 version still looks gorgeous now. Kojima Productions went with a cel-shaded look where particle effects glow and shine through all of the action perfectly, and there's much more variety in the environments which all helps to create a perfect storm of eye candy in HD. The anime cinematics were also redone in full HD this time around, so nothing was left untouched when it came out of its time capsule. The story and voice acting are slightly better in this sequel, but there's still not much that can be said about them. It's all very forgettable. Again, it's the gameplay that makes all of the same problems passable. Combat moves much, much faster than in the first title, and the game will throw many more enemies at you than before. Good thing Jehuty has a revitalized moveset and array of weapons to take care of them like it's nothing. This is the best way to experience mecha action that no other game can offer like Z.O.E. But if you just want to catch up on the series, High Voltage Software did an amazing job bringing these cult classics up to speed on the Xbox 360. Be warned, however, that the PlayStation 3 version (which we did not play for review) is well-documented to have a significantly lower performance. If you're an old fan, dedicated fan, or a would-be brand new fan of the series, Zone of the Enders HD Collection is easily worth your time and money, especially with the inclusion of the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo and The 2nd Runner alone.
Z.O.E. HD Review photo
Mecha action brought up to speed
Zone of the Enders was a welcome departure from Hideo Kojima's legendary brainchild Metal Gear Solid back in 2001. While a stark contrast to tactical espionage action, Z.O.E. always weirdly felt like it could easily fit ...

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[Update: Contest over! Winners @tehOldsMobile, @SuperMonk4Ever, @noisybear, @JQM78, and @sundin0013!] Destructoid is collaborating with our friends at Game Revolution to give away 10 copies of the brand new Zon...


Zone of the Enders HD Collection targets late Oct. launch

Sep 19
// Jordan Devore
Halloween with Zone of the Enders HD Collection doesn't sound like a bad way to spend the day at all. In North America, the two-game pack will be out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on Tuesday, October 30. HD Collection compil...

I screamed for joy the day Konami finally announced an HD re-release of the Zone of the Enders games. I love anything with mechs, and nothing even comes close to the fast paced nature of ZoE. Konami is showing it off at San D...


Zone of the Enders HD Collection: Mechs lookin' sharp

Jul 13
// Fraser Brown
Konami is teasing us with yet more Zone of the Enders HD Collection screenshots, fresh from Comic-Con. I must confess that I never played these titles the first time around, but with the new visual effects in 720p running at ...

Lovely HD: New Zone of the Enders HD Collection screens

Jun 14
// Dale North
It's the next best thing to a new Zone of the Enders game. An HD upgrade. In a collection. Well, screens of an HD collection. Konami is still set to release the two ZoE remasters in a collection this Fall, and they've sent ou...

E3: Hands-on with Zone of the Enders HD

Jun 06 // Daniel Starkey
The first beat of this mecha movement is the "rerelease" of the of the first two Zone of the Enders titles as part of an HD collection I played through the first 30 minutes or so at the Konami booth, and I left thoroughly impressed. That said, my shock had very little of it had to do with the improvements Konami has made (which are substantive) and everything to do with the sheer quality of the original game. In terms of an "HD remake," Zone of the Enders is about what you'd expect. Frame rate and resolution have been boosted, as has the quality of some of the textures; they've added achievements and cleaned up a lot of the audio as well. There isn't any new content, however, and they haven't tweaked anything in terms of gameplay. So you're really only paying for the higher resolution and the ability to play ZotE on a modern console. It's nice that almost every facet ages well, and I think it makes for an excellent downloadable title. Combat is fast-paced and feels brutal. Animations are nice and smooth, and the whole package fits nicely together. If I had to level one complaint, I'd say that the voice acting is pretty god-awful, but that's a small price to pay for such fantastic gameplay. The release date is set for October 25 in Japan, so keep an eye out for this sometime in Q4.

Thanks to my semi-adolescent brain, mech battles are easily some of the most awesome of which I can conceive. The notion of pitting giant robots with lasers, machine guns, and jets against one another is at the top of my...


Metal Gear Rising: Raiden's adventures in unemployment

Jun 01
// Tony Ponce
Just a few days until E3! SO EXCITE! To hype up the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo that will appear at Konami's E3 booth, Mega64 reminds us of the long road Raiden had to travel since 2008's Metal Gear Solid 4. Like man...

Metal Gear Rising demo to be found in Zone of Enders HD

Jun 01
// Conrad Zimmerman
When it comes to Hideo Kojima's giant robot series Zone of the Enders, I suspect people fall into one of four camps. Three of these are completely normal in the gaming spectrum; There's a group that loves it passionately enou...

The DTOID Show: 38 Layoffs, Zone Of The Enders, & Horses

May 25
// Max Scoville
Hey guys, if you missed today's LIVE LIVE LIVE Destructoid Show, here it is. Tara's out -- I honestly have no idea where she went -- but Anthony Carboni was good enough to fill in. The big news today: Indie Game The Movi...

These Zone of the Enders HD screens make me so happy

May 25
// Brett Zeidler
When I woke up today, I had no idea I would not only see one, but two Zone of the Enders-related news today. Of course, the hottest news was that Kojima Productions has officially started working on the third entry in the ser...

YES! Hideo Kojima confirms Zone of the Enders sequel

May 25
// Dale North
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Zone of the Enders HD Edition has a final release date (October 25 in Japan) and new official website, but the hot news from a recent preview event is that a sequel is in the works. Kojima Productions bos...

Live show: Zone of the Enders on Mash Tactics

Mar 29
// Bill Zoeker
Today is "Throwback Thurday" on Mash Tactics, and King Foom is cutting it close. Zone of the Enders is slated for the HD treatment this year, but until that actually happens, it still counts as a throwback, dammit! Konami's c...

Zone of the Enders HD arriving in autumn

Feb 29
// Conrad Zimmerman
Zone of the Enders, Hideo Kojima's contribution to the battle mech genre, will see its high-definition release in autumn of this year, according to Konami. Yes, they've narrowed it down to 3 of the remaining 10 months of 2012...

Zone of the Enders gets new HD animated opening

Jan 31
// Chris Carter
Siliconera dug up some fresh pictures of the brand new HD animated opening for the Zone of the Enders HD collection, which is set to hit the 360, PS3, and Vita later this year. The animation is being handled by the hit studio...

TGS: The amazing Metal Gear Solid and Zone of Ender toys

Sep 17
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Guys, I'm scared. Going around Japan for the past week has increased my urge to get into action-figure collecting. I even bought a Gundam in Akihabara! So imagine my excitement when I saw the finished looking version of Cybor...

Why is Kojima tweeting about Zone of the Enders 3DS?

Aug 16
// Jonathan Holmes
Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima is a feisty little minx. It wasn't that long ago that he tweeted something weird about Snatcher, and a few months later, we got a screengrab of a Snatcher 2 logo (which hasn't amounted to anyth...

Zone of the Enders is coming back in glorious HD format! Both Zone of the Enders games are being remastered in HD and is hitting the PlayStation 3 AND Xbox 360. Zone of the Enders will be out in 2012. As for the Metal Gear So...

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