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Fumito Ueda wants Team Ico games ported to PS3

Apr 02
Ask yourself this question: Would I like to play Ico and Shadow of the Colossus in high-definition on the PS3? If you answered anything other than "yes," I'm not sure I know how to communicate with you. For the... read

Are the Bit.Trip guys suing the hell out of Anthony?

Mar 08
I probably shouldn't be writing this, as it may not be good for my friend and coworker Anthony Burch, but he's on his way to GDC and I can't get a hold of him. There is the chance that posting this will somehow negatively eff... read

Here's another one of those mind-blowing Nintendo moments

Feb 22
Insane videogame trivia that someone won't discover until years after the fact and Nintendo sure do go hand in hand. The prime example (I'm so sorry if this is new to you) is surely the "bushes in Super Mario Bros. are simply... read

So, some footage was revealed earlier that leaked the first ever full gameplay of Sonic the Hedgehog 4. I don't know about anybody else, but it looked pretty damn swanky to me. However, there was one thing that truly set my h... read feature



Jan 07
I am fully aware that by posting this, I am essentially opening up any positive review of Darksiders (released this week) to accusations of pay-offs and bias. However, I don't really care, because I just received a GIANT... read

The Journalism Show: Episode 01

Dec 23
Here it is. After two weeks of demystifying a program I've never used before, followed by a two-day fistfight trying to convert the video, I am proud, thrilled, horrified, ashamed and (insert a dozen other emotions here) to ... read

If you've been following all the talk surrounding potential subscription fees for the PlayStation Network, then this is a very hot story indeed. A brand new market survey has revealed Sony's ideas for the seemingly inevitable... read feature


Mortal Kombat fighters like you've never seen them before

Nov 19
Commence hyperventilating. Back when Vincent Proce was working over at Midway, he submitted a pitch for a new Mortal Kombat. The game in question was to be a total overhaul of the series' "original premise" with "modern mutip... read

Those who have played Left 4 Dead 2's "Dark Carnival" campaign will likely know of The Midnight Riders. They are a fictional rock band that Ellis seems to be rather fond of, and the campaign's finale involves the Survivors fi... read feature


American McGee's Alice trailer was a cheeky fake

Nov 04
How's this for a kick in the nuts? That really good looking trailer for Return of Alice that we ran earlier in the week is apparently a fan-made fake and not an official video. Despite looking very professional and more than ... read

Ikaruga drops to half price as XBL Deal of the Week

Jul 13
Originally 800 Microsoft points, some obscure game called Ikaruga has been declared Xbox Live's Deal of the Week from now until Monday, July 20th; available to XBL Gold members for a mere 400 points. Not sure what it's all ab... read

ZeniMax trademarks 'Brink'

May 20
ZeniMax Media Inc. -- the parent company of Bethesda Softworks -- recently filed a UPSTO trademark for the videogame title “Brink.” Cue the spooky music.As is usual, there isn’t a sliver of information in th... read

Pics surface from Level-5 for The Another World (Ninokuni)

Sep 26
If you are as big of a fan of Hayao Miyazaki's work as I am, chances are you had a smiliar reaction to mine when you saw Level-5's announcement of an upcoming DS game with Studio Ghibli: heart racing, erratic bouts of dancing... read

RetroforceGO! recording episode 47 tonight: Treasure

Apr 27
Finally, dear listeners, it's the episode that Chad and I you've all been waiting for! Tonight we take a look at one of our very favorite devlopers, Treasure, and all of the wonderful games they're brought to us over the year... read

Ikaruga finally hits XBLA on April 9th

Mar 27
Finally being the operative word there. According to our friend Postman over at Shoot The Core, Ikaruga is finally ready to make its way to Xbox Live Arcade on April 9th, 2008. Turns out the April issue of UK Xbox magazine ha... read

Finally: Trigger Heart Exelica hits XBLA next week

Feb 22
I was awakened this morning by the sound of my phone ringing, and was surprised to learn who was calling:Secretary: "Hello, Mr. Cantler?"Me: "Yes?"Secretary: "Good morning sir, this is Hell calling. I... read

Sports are so totally boring. I realize some of you might like sports, but us? Not so much. Actually, there are two squirrels fighting over an acorn outise my window right now, and it's a much more interesting competition to ... read feature


Rez HD and Chessmaster Live on XBLA this Wednesday

Jan 28
Tetsuya Mizuguchi fans, your week has come: Rez HD (800 Microsoft Points) is finally upon us. It seems like it's been an eternity since the game was announced for Live Arcade, but our patience ultimately paid off, and we'll b... read

RetroforceGO! recording episode #30 tonight: 2007 Top tens and the year in retro

Dec 30
The year's just about over (thank God) and your friends here at RetroforceGO! are ready to close it out in the coolest way possible: with lists. You guys like lists, right? C'mon, everybody loves lists. Well, we like lists, a... read

Ben Eberle plays Guitar Hero on expert, shames us all again

Dec 24
I had to watch this video several times before posting it -- not because my jaw was on the floor, but trying to figure out whether it was real or not, or the results of some insane video splicer trying to make everyone that p... read

The Behemoth store now open: Get your Castle Crashers figures while you can

Dec 13
No, seriously. Go buy some and then come back here. The Behemoth has opened its online store today, and the Castle Crashers figures we featured a few months ago are available to anyone who might have missed the opportunity to... read

Rumortoid: Dreamcast 2 on the way?

Dec 06
SEGA has officially filed for trademark of the name Dreamcast once again, sending salivary glands and reproductive organs into a frenzy across the internet. Although the original filing for the Dreamcast is still active, this... read

Furu Furu Park brings Afro Love to the Wii: It's about damn time

Dec 06
The above video displays footage from what will soon be the latest reason for me to turn on my Wii, as it combines two of my very favorite things: cute Japanese characters, and utter batsh*t madness. The game is called Furu ... read

One of a kind AT-AT GameCube mod up for sale

Dec 01
A long time ago, in an Internet post back, back in the day, a man made an awesome GameCube mod. Now, the creator of this mod needs some cash and has put his AT-AT GameCube up for sale on eBay. The mod comes with four Wavebird... read

Omega Five: Sensei gameplay video is full of yapping

Nov 09
Continuing with our groundbreaking coverage of flying old guys and their pets, here's a trailer showing off some gameplay footage of Omega Five's unlockable character Sensei that we told you about earlier. You can see so... read

Omega Five Unlockable character revealed, new screens have a doggie in them

Nov 08
You kids today with your hi-tech weaponry. Take a look at this hidden unlockable character from Omega Five. They call him Sensei, and he's the oldest and wisest of the game's band of good guys. Back in his day, you didn't nee... read

New trailer for The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, new hope for the future of XBLA

Nov 07
   Open wide thine eyes, dear readers, and gaze upon the brilliantly crafted chaos that serves as the perfect example of what an XNA game can be. What you're seeing is the latest trailer for The Dishwasher: Dea... read

Rez and Ikaruga coming to XBLA, Topher tries to contain himself

Sep 12
This is best week ever material if ever there was any. As you may have read earlier tonight in our community blogs, it was announced at this year's pre-Tokyo Game Show press event that Rez is headed for XBLA early next year. ... read

My Destructoid friends, let me show you them

Sep 04
At this point I think it can be unanimously decided that what you need to know about The Behemoth's upcoming game Castle Crashers is simply the following: awesome game is awesome. End of story. Both editors and community memb... read

PAX 07: Hands on with Castle Crashers

Sep 01
Hands all over is more like it, actually. Alien Hominid fans (of which I am certainly one of the biggest) have been clawing away at the intertubes for months in search of any snippet of info they can find regarding The Behemo... read

PAX 2007: Sam and Max Season Two impressions

Aug 31
Admittedly, I've never been part of the PC adventure game crowd. Now before you browse through your inventory for a torch and lighter, or enter things like "/pitchfork", let me explain what I mean. It's not that I d... read

RetroforceGO!: Episode 13: PAX 2007: Unpleasant Burrito Experiences

Aug 27
Aaaaaaaaaaaand welcome, to another hastily written post. The reason for my lack of time, this time, is the fact that last weekend was PAX. Not one to be outdone by silly things like work or poverty, I decided that there was n... read

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