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Microsoft: XBL's friends cap will be raised, we promise

Aug 08
I'm afraid to even do a Google search to see how many times this site has mentioned the 100-friend cap for Xbox LIVE, and how many of those times involved someone of authority saying the restriction would be addressed. Now I ... read
Out of all the "GOTY 2008" lists I've read, I couldn't find one that featured a "winning" game that I felt any attachment to, not even Dtoid's winner Left 4 Dead. It seems that gaming journalists are growing more and more out... read feature

YTMND Thursday: The wildest ride of your life, edition

Jul 24
Easily my favorite this week is Luke goes for the ride of his life YTMND. Well, up until the very end that is. Also, you may notice a few really old YTMNDs for those of you who've been following YTMND Thursday since it first ... read

YTMND Thursday: E3 edition

Jul 17
First off, big thanks to Qalamari for taking over last week's YTMND feature! Plenty of facepalm worthy moments happened during E3 this year and I'm kind of disappointed that most of them haven't been made into YTMNDs yet. Mor... read

YTMND: CTZ was busy edition

Jul 11
[ In the absence of our resident shark who is traveling for the various gaming events going on next week we bring you a guest YTMND from our Community Blogs. Enjoy! -Niero ]While I could never replace Hamza (squid are a poor... read

YTMND Thursday: Fanboys make for hilarity

Jul 03
This makes it two weeks in a row that my favorite YTMND is a dramatic reading. The Monster Hunter reading gets really good towards the end thanks to the sobbing. Fanboys are priceless. Well, except when they abuse the Communi... read

YTMND Thursday: Denis Dyack draws the line!

Jun 26
Easily my favorite this week is the dramatic reading of the Denis Dyack NeoGAF post. Granted, I always love dramatic readings, but this one is just so timely. I also love the Fox McCloud one, as it's just so damn adorable.&nb... read

YTMND Thursday: We now return you to your normally scheduled program

Jun 19
After taking a small break last week, YTMND Thursday is back. This week's selection is a little smaller than usual, but at least I'm not skipping a week again. The extra helping of Random Man Now Dogs should make up for the s... read

YTMND Thursday: Quick, change the channel!

Jun 05
My favorite of this week's collection is the realistic NES games collection. A lot of work must have went into creating all of the Photoshops of what videogames would look like in real life. Also, Titfish is the greatest YTMN... read

YTMND Friday: A day late edition

May 30
Sorry for the delay everyone. I've been really busy this past week, but hey, at least I didn't skip it completely! Anyway, some really good YTMNDs this week. My favorite is the critique of all the Sonic games. The Mario Kart ... read

YTMND Thursday: Red would make a perfect Scout, edition

May 22
Another good week of YTMNDs. Thanks to Qalamari, YTMND Thursday will contain various Castlevania-related YTMNDs over the next couple of weeks. Not to mention all the ones that CannibalCalvin keeps on making. My favorites... read

YTMND Thursday: Winners don't do drugs

May 15
Oh boy, a good collection this week. Winners don't do drugs could have only been created while on drugs, the Tetris rap is awesome, and the Destructoid themed ones are fantastic. It's pretty hard for me to pick a clear winner... read

YTMND Thursday: Real Sonic is real

May 08
I don't know how or why the real Sonic fad picked up again, but I'm not complaining. Is it wrong that I want to spray paint a hedgehog blue and staple a extra tail on a fox and make them run through absurd obstacle courses an... read

YTMND Thursday: The majestic flock of Kangs

May 01
Easily my favorite YTMND this week is the flock of Kangs. You just don't expect it at all and it's just perfect. Wow, I really hope this fad starts to take off. I haven't laughed this hard at a YTMND fad in a long time.Lots o... read

YTMND Thursday: Metal Gear extravaganza

Apr 24
This week is Metal Gear week in Destructoid land. It started off with RetroForceGO! focusing on the old school Metal Gear Games. Then Rev Anthony reminded us about the Metal Gear game for the Game Boy Color that time forgot. ... read

YTMND Thursday: Chad Concelmo is AAAMMMAAZZIIINNGG

Apr 17
 YTMND Thursday is mostly so-so this week. That was until I added the Chad Concelmo YTMND. Anything involving Chad Concelmo makes everything just pure bliss. Otherwise, not much else was that great. The FPS Doug and Arno... read

YTMND Thursday: No one ever expects Liu Kang!

Apr 10
Pretty good week in YTMND land. My favorites are between the Dragonforce WRONG mashup and No on expects Lui Kang YTMNDs. I know a lot of you can't stand the WRONG music mashups, but I can't help but love them. As far as the L... read

YTMND Thursday: Giraffes in the air edition

Apr 03
This YTMND Thursday is brought to you in part by viewers like you. Big thanks to Qalamari, electro lemon and Reaprar for helping out this week. The YTMND Thursday tradition continues on. Anyway, so many good ones this week! I... read

YTMND Thursday: There will be blood ... and dance!

Mar 27
Hopefully you all get at least one good laugh from one of these YTMNDs. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's becoming harder to find good ones. Some weeks are good (like last week), and some weeks are just a pain in the ass t... read

YTMND Thursday: Do a barrel ... OH MY GOD!

Mar 20
My two favorites this week are also the worst ones out of the bunch. The first being the Animal Crossing is tragic spoof. I cried at the original so it just feels wrong to have laughed at the spoof. The worst of course is the... read

YTMND Thursday: Televangelist Link will save your heathen soul!

Mar 13
A couple of great finds in this week's YTMND Thursday collection. The All Your Radio Belongs to Us was put together really nicely. And I just about lost it to the Televangelist Link YTMND. It's amazing how things can be ten t... read

YTMND Thursday: Birdo is a hot girl/guy/monster thingy

Mar 06
Not a bad week in YTMND land. Some of my picks are really cheesy, but overall, I really liked this batch. My favorites this week are the Birdo cosplay (only because I have an excuse to use the image on the front page) and Fla... read

YTMND Thursday: A winner is you

Feb 28
After a week hiatus, YTMND Thursday is back! The videogame YTMND drought continues however and are still pretty hard to find. Big thanks to CannibalCalvin as always for the backup. If you come across any YTMNDs, than drop me ... read

YTMND Thursday: I now pronounce you, man and Power Glove

Feb 14
My favorite of this week's collection has to be the Power Glove love story. It takes a simple quote and goes compleletly insane with it. Fun fact: I've never watched The Wizard. I know, I know ... The majority of the rest are... read

YTMND Thursday: Nothing but Landmasters

Feb 07
Big thanks to Dtoider Qalamari. He answered the call and sent in plenty of good YTMNDs.My favorite this week is easily the Super Fresh Prince of Brawl-Air. The music remix is great and the gif of Will Smith is always hysteric... read

YTMND Thursday: Why isn't Mr. Destructoid in every game?!

Jan 31
Looks like the drought continues on from last week. At this rate, I might actually have to skip next week's YTMND Thursday completely. Hopefully not, but if you happen across some YTMNDs, please pass them along. Or do what Bl... read

YTMND Thursday: Not so great edition

Jan 24
It was a bad week folks. I had to look high and low and still couldn't find enough YTMNDs to fill up the quota for today. With that said, I have to say that I think I need some help again. If you happen to come across some re... read

YTMND Thursday: Serious Cat is f**king serious, edition

Jan 17
It seems like I'm making mini themes out of YTMND Thursday. Last week, I had a heavy influence of Team Fortress 2 related YTMNDs. This week, the Street Fighter series takes over. I don't know how anyone thought a School Bus f... read

YTMND Thursday: Spy sapping my sentry, edition

Jan 10
Don't ask me how it happened, but this YTMND Thursday has turned into a very Orange Box themed YTMND Thursday. Not that is a bad thing at all. My personal favorite from this week's collection is the Spy sapping my sentry one.... read

YTMND Thursday: FABULOUS, edition

Jan 03
Welcome to a new year of YTMND Thursdays. Just in case you missed it last week, check out the top 15 YTMNDs of 2007. Otherwise, here's a fresh batch of new YTMNDs. My favorite of the bunch is easily the Darth Vader having a w... read

The best of Destructoid's YTMND Thursday 2007

Dec 27
Here is the top 15 YTMNDs of 2007. The list of 50 was narrowed down by votes from various community members to what you see here. Obviously, not everyone will agree with this list. So I want to hear what you think should have... read

YTMND Thursday special edition: 50 of my favorite YTMNDs of this year

Dec 20
Many people call me crazy, which they totally should as I tend to do extremely crazy things. For instance, I have spent nearly a total of seven hours going through all of the YTMND Thursdays I've done this year, collecting my... read

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