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World war II again


Things go boom in the latest Company of Heroes 2 trailer

May 30
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
The latest look at Company of Heroes 2 shows off just how action packed this real time strategy game is. There's action, explosions, and death all around you in the battlefield. There's so much action here that the trailer even says you should check this one out before you play "the next big FPS." Oh, snap! Company of Heroes 2 will be out on June 25 for the PC.
Company of Heroes 2 photo
Company of Heroes 2

Here's your Company of Heroes 2 campaign trailer

RTS sequel will arrive next month, comrade
May 22
// Alasdair Duncan
I'm really grateful that Sega has picked up Company of Heroes 2 after THQ's collapse. The original was a great real-time strategy title, one that I had most of my fun with in multiplayer more than the single-player. This tra...
Rising Storm photo
Rising Storm

Visit the Pacific theater of war in Rising Storm

From the developers of Red Orchestra 2
Mar 29
// Jason Cabral
Coming from an eclectic team made up of developers from Tripwire Interactive and community modders, Rising Storm is looking to take Red Orchestra's style of World War II combat into the Pacific theater with more guns, explos...

Company of Heroes 2 teaser trailer is a little unsettling

Jun 28
// Kyle MacGregor
If it isn't broke, don't fix it. That seems to be Relic Entertainment's philosophy with the follow up to the most highly regarded strategy game in all the land. As is natural for a sequel, the Company of Heroes 2 developer h...

Red Orchestra 2 cuts price in half and adds friend pass

Jun 08
// Joshua Derocher
Red Orchestra 2 recently had a free-to-play weekend, and it was wildly successful. The influx of new players was a good start, but Tripwire has decided to do even more to bring players into the game. Red Orchestra 2 is n...

In what can only be described as truly serendipitous, City Interactive has just wrapped their first media tour for Enemy Front and it's shaping up to be not half bad. Stuart Black, the brains behind Black and ...


World War II shooters, World War II SHOOTERS!

May 01
// Jim Sterling
Is it just me, or does the idea of a first-person shooter set in World War II seem really fresh right about now? With the industry being so afraid to touch such a tired concept recently, it seems we've barely seen anybody tou...

Former IO Interactive devs announce Heroes & Generals

Oct 10
// Maurice Tan
Fun facts: IO Interactive used to be called Reto-Moto and its founding members and some of the core developers left the studio when it was sold to Eidos back in 2004. Now the guys who were responsible for the older Hitman ga...

E3: Nazi killing fun in Brothers in Arms: Furious 4

Jun 12 // Hamza CTZ Aziz
Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)Developer: GearboxPublisher: UbisoftTo be released: 2012 Think Bulletstorm and Borderlands crossed with Inglorious Basterds. Furious 4 has that same vibe of Quentin Tarantino's last flick with the gameplay style of Bulletstorm crossed with Borderlands's co-op goodness. Furious 4 isn't set in reality so you'll see lots of crazy things, such as Nazi soldiers flying around with jetpacks. On that note about Tarantino, there's even a narrator that comes on at various points and gives a Grindhouse style of dialogue about what's going on in the moment. Each of the four main characters have different traits and the main one Gearbox focused on was Montana, a large man making use of a chain gun, axe, chainsaw and bear traps. Yes, bear traps. Enemies will actually get stuck in the bear traps making for easy kills. Killing enemies earns you points and those points will be used to upgrade your characters abilities and weapons. One example of an upgrade for Montana is that he can attach grenades to his bear traps. So when the bear trap captures a guy, the grenade will go off a few seconds later. Don't you just love the sadism? Furious 4 is a four-player co-op experience, but if you're lacking enough friends the game will fill the role with AI buddies. For the most part players can simply focus on their own thing, but there will be moments that will require team actions. These team actions slow the game down as you burst into a room and take out unsuspecting Nazis. That's the basic core of Brothers in Arms: Furious 4. It's a crazy ride with crazy weapons with lots of Nazi murdering. This, like many other titles at E3, wasn't playable so I'm hesitant on raising too much praise for the game. But the initial impression is that it's looking really fun and I hope the entire game will be able to keep up the crazy pace that was presented to press. 

Before diving into just how retarded awesome Furious 4 is, know that Gearbox isn't done with the main Brothers in Arms storyline. They'll be getting back to that series when the time is right, but in the mean time they're going to be telling us a new, over-the-top story with Furious 4. Four specialized soldiers are sent directly into the heart of Germany with one mission: Kill Hitler.


Robots in WWI: Toy Soldier's 'Invasion' add-on

Aug 23
// Jordan Devore
I'm of the opinion that you can improve just about anything by adding robots. That includes World War I, and taking it one step further, videogames about World War I in which army miniatures duke it out. Videogames like Sign...

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to have WWII level(s)

Feb 07
// Matthew Razak
We just can't get away from World War II in our war games, can we? According to an ESRB's description, the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is going to begin in World War II and then progress forward in to the modern day a...

World at War: Zombies App gets a lite version

Jan 26
// Jordan Devore
There's now a demo for Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies (quick, someone make this title stop!) up on the App Store. Excuse me, make that a "lite version" -- gotta abide by Apple's law. Essentially, this is a translation of...

EA: Saboteur sequel could happen if first one sells

Dec 07
// Jim Sterling
With the death of Pandemic and Electronic Arts not exactly putting its marketing weight behind the thing, a sequel for The Saboteur seems unlikely. Nevertheless, EA has said that a sequel could come ... provided enough people...

Shock: Treyarch's Call of Duty set in the past again

Dec 03
// Jim Sterling
Treyarch looks set to take the Call of Duty reins again in 2010, having recently posted a job advertisement for the next installment of the ludicrously popular FPS series. The team is looking for a level designer, and has ind...

EA has not forgotten about the Medal of Honor franchise

Nov 09
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Hey, remember Medal of Honor? It was that other World War II game that people loved so much. The last we heard of the series was in 2007 with Medal of Honor: Airborne and Medal of Honor: Heroes 2. All in all, there were over ...

Assassin's Creed 3 may take us to World War II

Oct 13
// Jim Sterling
You know what we don't have enough of? World War II games! But wait, don't hang up just yet. Far from talking about making yet another generic Nazi-shooter, Ubisoft has apparently been discussing where to take the Assassin's ...

How to make your World War II game not suck

Sep 23
// Jim Sterling
World War II games. Everybody's played them, everybody's sick of them. Unless they're very easily pleased. The vast majority of us have stormed the beaches and liberated the cities so many times that we're very much over the ...

World at War Map Pack 3 surpasses 1 million downloads fast

Aug 22
// Matthew Razak
I don't know if you know this, but Call of Duty is kind of a big deal. You want cold, hard facts to back that up, do you? How about this little bit of knowledge: in one weekend World at War's newest map pack, Map Pack 3, was...

Ubisoft takes over publishing for Heroes Over Europe

Jul 04
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Ubisoft has announced that they'll be publishing Heroes Over Europe, the sequel to 2005's Heroes of the Pacific. Heroes Over Europe was originally supposed to be out by now from Atari, but that obviously isn't happening anymo...

Confirmed: B.J. Blazkowicz still knows how to kill Nazis

Apr 18
// Matthew Razak
If there is one thing you know you will be able to do in a Wolfenstein game it's kill Nazis good and dead. Now the new Wolfenstein heading our way has plenty of fresh and new ways to kill Nazi's dead that usually involve some...

World at War beta impressions: How does it compare to Call of Duty 4?

Oct 14
// Jordan Devore
With Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare holding its own against the likes of multiplayer juggernaut Halo 3 since it was released almost a year ago, the question on everyone's mind is, undoubtedly, "How does Call of Duty: Wor...

CoD5 wants to 'redefine' WWII shooters

Jun 13
// Jim Sterling
When the first details of Call of Duty 5: World at War were revealed, there was much talk of the unique new features that were promised (flamethrowers for the win) and just as much chat about the World War II setting. Treyarc...

New Operation Darkness screenshots show everything but fictional creatures

Apr 20
// Jordan Devore
Alright, I'll admit it -- we're a little late getting these screens for Operation Darkness up. But rather than comment about our tardiness, why not question Atlus for not including any images with werewolves, zombies, or vamp...

Eidos trademarks Battlestations: Pacific

Dec 29
// Nick Chester
Ships, submarines, aircraft ... oh my! If a recent trademark is any indication, it looks like fans of the World War II-based real-time strategy/action hybrid, Battlestations: Midway, are in for a treat. On December 20, E...

Stop the milking: Call of Duty 5 to be developed by Treyarch, set in WWII?

Dec 08
// Jordan Devore
While nothing has been confirmed yet, there's a chance that the next Call of Duty title will be heading back to World War II, because apparently gamers can't get enough of that war in particular. As discovered by GAMER, the j...

The Simpsons: Medal of Homer trailer

Sep 01
// Faith
Best. Trailer. Ever! If playing the demo for Electronic Arts' The Simpsons wasn't enough to make me want to buy it, then this trailer sealed the deal. Making fun of other World War II games, the newest Simpsons game trailer t...

Researchers using videogames and shock therapy, study fear effect on judgement

Aug 24
Thanks to a scientific study in which volunteers willingly played a few rounds of an evil Pac-Man clone that shocked them each time they made a bad move, science is one step closer to understanding the mystery of  "...

Medal of Honor: Airborne screens; yup, ze Germans still lose

Jun 29
// Earnest Cavalli
If the number of Dubyoo-Dubyoo-Eye-Eye-centric video games are any indication, America has a strong thirst for simulated jerry killin'. Between the History Channel's twenty-four hour a day coverage of a war that ended...

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